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  1. I knew it was somewhere, was just too panicked to see it. Thanks for the help.
  2. Opps, I was working on a custom menu set, and I must have changed something I shouldn't, now the only menu that is accessible is "records". I can't even get in in advanced to edit the menu sets. How can I get past this and put things back to normal?
  3. Okay, have put it to work, its working perfectly. Exactly what I needed. Now I have to teach the users there is an easier way... :o
  4. Oh, wow, that looks great. Simple, elegant, fast, flexible, my favorite sort of code. Will give it a go and let you know how I get on.
  5. That is an interesting idea, it would work, but would require creating a calculated field for every field on a number of layouts... probably 100 or more extra fields, just so the contents is copyable... I will have to think this one over.
  6. I still can't work out a good why to do this. At the moment the only option that works is to make a separate script for every field I want to be able to click on and copy the content to the clipboard. But the programmer in me just hates the idea of replicating almost identical scripts.
  7. I did, but it still copies the whole record, which is rather annoying.
  8. I did try that, but it copies the whole record into the clipboard (as a long string of useless text noless), and all I want is the content of a specific field.
  9. Basically I have a lot of layouts that have entry disabled to prevent accidental altering of the data, and instead have the users use a different 'editing' layout when they want to make changed. However this also means that you can't just select the field content and copy it to the clipboard, if they want to the paste it into some email or word document the user is writing up. So to get around this the user goes to the 'editing' layout, just to copy the text. I don't like this, it opens the data up to accidental alterations, and adds seemingly unnecessary steps for the user. So what
  10. Anyone know the best way to do a simple, powerful script so that when triggered by clicking on a field, the content of that field is copied to the clipboard?
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