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  1. Lee, Thanks for moving my question to a more appropriate section... As for my "Unexpectedly Quitting" issue it is every single time I quit FM on my machine, most of the time on the other 2 (they are both unsure). We all are closing the files with a script before quiting the program so I'm hoping that with this precaution that I am saving myself from any db issues. Does anybody know for sure? Is anyone else having the quiting issue?
  2. We recently upgraded 3 machines from V6 to V8.02 all Macs using 10.3.9 and up, upon quitting FM it will quit (closing all open files if any) and then after a while it will bring up the alert window "File Maker has Unexpectedly Quit". So my fist question any ideas as to how can I fix this from happening? Secondly, will it or is it hurting anything? TIA, Connie :)
  3. I recently just added a field to an existing layout that was having the same issue... Slow to respond to the text that is being typed. The field was added using the add field button on the left hand side. The remainder of the fields were added by the Insert/Field pull down menu. When I came across your topic here I went back to the layout, deleted the field, re-added it with the Insert/Field pull down menu. I also made sure that a font was selected, instead of . And it now types like normal. Hope this helps you. :
  4. Ok, just to let everyone know... I've given up on trying to figure out how to dissect the Address field. I found a easier way of tracking down the information I was after. Matching Zip+4 fields. So far it seems to be pulling the correct info that I need.
  5. Thanks Michael! The committing the record is what I thought the issue with the missing info was. I will inform the users to make sure that they commit the records in the future. As for the multiple users modifying the same record I'm not so sure about... I found in my Missing Manual book for v8 and on page 642 where it clearly states "No two people can work in the same record at the same time, though." But earlier today we were, I've tested it again and found this clarification... If user 1 is in (any of the fields has the cursor in it) an existing committed record but has not made
  6. I recently got our office (3 users of FM using peer to peer, 1 host 2 clients, 1 local 1 VPN) up to v8, today being the first day that more than 1 user was using it at a time. Several weird things have been happening that I thought were impossible. The first one scares me the most... User 1 is in a record (a field is selected), in an Invoice, and one of the other 2 users can get to the same invoice where they are also able to select a field and enter data into it. I thought that if a user was in a record it would be locked and that no other user is aloud to enter it, let alone ch
  7. This sounds really like what I am looking for... One problem when I unzip it and open it I get an error "Unknown Script step" I've attached a screen shot of the script if anyone can tell me what is supposed to go here I would greatly appreciate it. Is it possible that since I'm using 8 that this is unavailable to me? Picture_1.pdf
  8. Thanks Lee... As far as where I'm not sure... maybe this same area? As far as a subject maybe "finding a street name in a complete address?" Thanks, Connie :)
  9. I think that maybe you are right that it needs it's own post. And since I'm not sure how to send the data to USPS or the Tax lookup's web sites I'm lost on that as well. (I am working in 8) The 2 states I'm dealing with WA and SC both have their own way of doing it, but with WA (the GIS) they charge by City/County, but not every city is in one county some are in multiple counties and of course there are multiple zip codes in each city, so unfortunately a city/zip search wont work. If the moderator doesn't move this or I don't get any other answers I will post it on it's own. Tha
  10. Ok so I know that this is a old post... but I've got a question along these lines... Our db was set up to have a billing and shipping address, the street address being one field. ie. "245 S. Lincoln St. Apt #B". We ship our products mostly in the US and Canada, but there are the occasions when we ship internationally as well. So now we have a customer file with over 15,000 records in it all with the one field Street Address (ok 2, Billing Street Address and Shipping Street Address). My problem is arising because some states in the US are going to a Sales tax rate charge by destina
  11. Thanks! This worked for me, and I greatly appreciate the example. With it I was able to figure it out. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the suggestion... One problem I don't have FM Advance, I have FM Pro 8. Is there anyway to add this to my custom functions without having Advance? Or does anyone have a way to do what I'm looking for in Pro?
  13. I am working on having FM8 send an e-mail to 1 person based on information in 1 record. The problem I'm running into is a number field that is: Grand Total (a calculation field) with the calculation set to: SetPrecision ( Subtot + Tax; 2 ) it is leaving the 0's off the end if it is $163.90 then it displays $163.9 if it's $163.00 then it displays $163 ... I know that setting the field formatting to display it properly in the layout but the formatting is not copying over to the e-mail. Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. If there is a more appropria
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