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  1. Hi, As per your description it seams when you transfer your php code as well as database to the server odbc conection stops working... If that is the case then you have to add your system ip to the servers remote connection then it will work ... hope it solves your problem .. All the best -Rishali
  2. i am using ODBC connector for connecting SQL database to the filemaker solution to import export the data. when i am installing on the Tiger it is working fine but when comes to leopard it is giving me an error as ODBC Error:[iODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified. Driver could not be loaded
  3. Hi, i am using ODBC connection and sql query for importing data from mysql database. I am importing password it is in the encrypted pattern how can i decrepit it and get original value? I know function which is used for encryption in php. Many Thanks and Regard, -Rishali
  4. Hi, I am using an ODBC connector for importing an external mysql database. i wrote sql select query for that ....i am having problem with one of the table. In the address table form mysql database having address_id and customers _id in this eg. address_id = 1 and customers_id =1 for shipping address And address_id = 2 and customers_id =1 for billing address so there will be always two rows with same customers_id ...... now i want to import this kind of data into filemaker but while importing in FM it is not taking same id number only once it is taking.... Please suggest solution
  5. Hello, I am using odbc connection for data transfer and wrote sql query for updating the value in the database. query is working fine and data also getting updated.... but i am getting one error/warning and which is not for all the tables only for some 3-4 tables ... it is as below ODBC Error:[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver] [mysqld-4.1.22-standard-log]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that correspondato yor MYSQL server version for the right syntax to use near"
  6. I am trying to make register like Quicken for accounts. I have got the calculations right. Now i want that user should enter only in one of the fields(Debit or Deposit),Eg- if user enters the value in deposit and again user is entering the value in the Debit field the previous field should get clear and vice versa Thanks
  7. Hi I want to set default value to the dropdown. How to set the value from value list?
  8. Hi For creating webpage in the filemaker you have to use the webviewer.
  9. Hi I tried with many things to display the webpage as it is in the FM. the one of the try is: I have created one folder on desktop and use automator to that so i can download the webpage and save it into that folder and then i gave that path to the other webviewer in the FM. So now it is displaying the page from desktop. But for that i have to run the automator manually. I want that with on button click in the FM. Regards, Rishali
  10. Hello Thank you for the replay. Using that function i am getting the information but with the html tags. As i want to save that webviewer page and should display as it is in the filemaker. Many Thanks and Best Regards, Rishali
  11. I want to download the page which is displaying in the web viewer in .html format.
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