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  1. Nope. The same value list was used several times, but I split that up with no change in behavior. Ugh. Thanks for the tip though! -Jeff
  2. I have several fields that use drop downs on an IWP layout. Add a new record, pick the drop down values you want, no problem. Go to update the record, and the values change on their own. So, if you don't see them change, and you change another text box, you will submit the record with changes you didn't make. It works fine using the FM client. Any ideas? -Jeff
  3. All the records on both sides are already created. Basically, I have two codes I need to relate. Program Code and Subconcentration Code. Program Code always has data in it, but not everyone has a Subconcentration Code. The Programs table has both Programs and Subconcentrations in it. For a Program, the Subconcentration is blank. So, if the program code matches, and there isn't a subconcentration code I want one answer for "faculty contact" but if there is a subconcentration, I want another answer for "faculty contact". -Jeff
  4. I did some testing, and apparently I can't relate records in two tables if I set two fields equal in the relationship and they are both empty. Which is what I want. I guess I need to set up a calculation that only enters "None" in both tables if there isn't already data in the field? Is there another option? -Jeff
  5. >>>You do not mention how often this import needs to happen. Daily. >>>1. Setting the import file name using a variable changes any matching names setting to last order. I will keep that in mind. >>>2. Last order can result in mismatched mapping if you've added fields to your tables since you've defined the import mapping. That explains ALOT. I think I will stick with my header renaming script. I know if I "match names" new fields won't matter. Thanks! -Jeff
  6. Yes, but it doesn't seem to keep the custom field matching reliably, and if something goes wrong it's hard to track it down with 256+ fields. It doesn't keep the matching in the script text itself. Maybe my problem is that I need to turn off access to editing the scripts to anyone by myself. -Jeff
  7. I'd still love an answer to this, but for the mean time, I wrote a python script to change the headers before importing. It allows me to have a reference csv file that shows the matching field names. -Jeff
  8. So, I'm working with importing a csv dump from a main frame. Ugly field names. I want to import them. I can set a custom order, and then pick "last order" next time I import. But this is a group database, and I've seen the "last order" get screwed up or lost before. I have no idea if it's stored on a per-database or per-user level. And, I can't export a matched list easily for documentation of what goes to what. I don't trust what I can't verify, and I'd prefer not do adopt the names from the mainframe. Is there a better option? Thanks! -Jeff
  9. Well dang! What you did works! I had the tables backwards (I had an occurrence of the global table for each value list combo) and I've fixed that but things still aren't working. I still get "Index missing". I'm still looking for things I've missed. But... in Table A, why do you have these non-global fields: _kP_TableA_ID _kF_Faculty_ID _kF_Student_ID _KF_Staff_ID They don't seem to do anything, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something here. Thanks again! -Jeff
  10. Thanks so much! I will examine it in detail and get back to you.
  11. No... they can have a role, and they can be active or not. The problem is, once I add the second constraint on the relationship, it breaks. I'm thinking the way around this is that if someone is inactive, they simply have NO role. But still, I figure there should be a way around this. -Jeff
  12. I have a People table with a Roles field with "staff", "faculty" and "students" in it using checkboxes. I can create value lists off of this table filtered by role. No problem. But I also have the field Status denoting Active Faculty. When a constrain the relationship by two fields, it breaks. Is it possible to do a value list filtered by both fields? Should I just write a script to do a find, then copy the table, and base the value list on that table? Thanks! -Jeff
  13. So, I have getsummary(student_count; department) working for when I have a subsummary section sorted by department. But if I then want to sub-sort by degree, I get wierd results. Is it even possible to use getsummary when sorting by multiple fields? Which field do you use for the break field? The last one or first one used for sorting? -Jeff
  14. DOH! Sorry LaRetta... I should have read more carefully. I never saw the User and System difference. It never clicked. Works fine now! Thanks so much!! -Jeff
  15. I too, thought there would be no "default" ones, but I see: dBASE Files Excel Files MS Access Database In addition to my own DSN that I set up under Administrative Tools > Data Sources ( ODBC ). I assume these three were added by MS Office. And I did go all the way through a successful import. I got data that I had put into MySQL to show up in FM. But when I go to add the external data source, nothing shows up. Anything else I should try? Thanks for you help! Please keep the suggestions coming. -Jeff
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