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  1. I know previous versions of fmp server would not auto run scripts if the script exported something. Does fmp server 10 fix this? If not, can you run fmp client 10 and fmp server 10 safely on the same box?
  2. Thats it. My list layout was based on book. I changed it to be based on pages and all is well. I still have to wrap my head around why this is. Thanks!
  3. I have 24 records. Each one shows up in the list. Within each record I have a portal that still shows all the pages even in the View as list.
  4. I have a layout called book. On this layout I have characteristics of the book. The bottom half of the layout is about pages of the book. In the pages area (body, viewing as list) I want all the pages to come up but I only get one. I have a book number that links the two. I also have a layout that views as form. It has a portal showing the pages. This works perfectly fine. Both portal layout and view as list layout are setup the same but I only get one record with View as list. Please Help. Thanks in advance.
  5. I have a portal with line items. On each item I have a yes/no tax drop down. I want to add up the items that have Tax=Yes and put them in toTaxTotal. I have: If ( lineItems 2::taxYesNo = "Yes" ; Sum ( lineItems 2::sellExtended ) ) I end up with all the line items being totaled. Not just the ones that equal yes. How can I get it just to total the ones that equal Yes. Thanks in advance.
  6. Got it working but the last record gets duplicated in my destination layout. Or I get other odd duplicates. I have: Loop (below is for first record) set var set var go to layout new record set field set field go to previous layout Got to record/Request/Page (Next Exit After Last) (below is for each next record and exit after last) set var set var go to layout new record set field set field End Loop
  7. I have found 4 records, for each record I want to copy a couple fields and put them into another layout. What script elements/calculations do I use to tell it foreach record found do this..... I think I can handle the set variable, go to new layout, set field to variable. I just don’t know how to do this for each record found. Consider me a newbie. Thanks in advance.
  8. I set error capture to no. But I still get the same error. I don’t want to mess with if then statements. If I did someone could still change things so that there are no records after if then statements and it would stop the script dead again. I just want it to continue on without the message needing someone to click continue. I am having a similar issue with XML files. When another scripts import them, some do not have data. When this happens I get an error box saying “The main XML document cannot be empty” I have checked “Perform without dialog” but I still get one, and I have to click
  9. I have a script that performs a find then exports the records then does other things. The problem is if there are no records to be found it stops the rest of the script and displays a dialogue box that says “No records match this set of find request” If it finds nothing then I want it to find nothing and export nothing and move on to the next step. Not stop the script. How can I over come this?
  10. I am doing this -- Go to first record Duplicate replace field contents omit record go to next record (exit after last) ... -- It goes to the first record, does duplcate it but becomes 3rd record in this case because I only find two records. I cannot go to next record because I am at the last record after omit. I did use sort but it puts at the dupe at end.
  11. I am trying to find records, duplicate them, and replace with a specific value. I want to do this in a script. I run the find say for the number 7 , I might find ten records, I want to duplicate the 10, and replace the 7 with a 9 in all 10 duplicated records. I have tried using if and loop statements and I am not getting the desired results. Is there a -foreach- someplace. like: find 7 foreach found duplicate replace 7 with 9
  12. crow

    View as List

    Thanks for your help. The problem was related to the table I was pointing to with the layout. Got my first correct report printed out :
  13. crow

    View as List

    I have View as List checked. In fact I have the other two disabled under Layout Setup-views. My portal placed in the header shows two records. If I go to layout which has the data entry, I find two records. I will add that my background is in PHP/MySQL, all these GUI tools in fmp are newer to me. Am I correct in saying it should just make another body part for each record? I feel like I need to do one more step since I just get one record in list view.
  14. crow

    View as List

    I have a layout with header, body, trailing grand summary, and footer. The body has 6 fields, it is not showing all the records it should. I get just one record. I thought I had a relationship issue but I put a portal in the header and it shows all of the records correctly. I am also using sliding/printing so I can print this list view out. Any thoughts why list view gives me just one record but portal shows all the records? I am scrolling and the header and footer stays put. Printing provides the same results.
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