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  1. OpenSSL was installed with FileMaker Server. Will FileMaker be issuing an updater to OpenSSL? If so, will it go back to earlier versions? If not, will the publicly available OpenSSL updater update the FileMaker installed version?
  2. After November 1st check out MacUSA.net. They're working on expanding their current education discount offerings to include registered non-profit organizations. Dan McFalls MacUSA.net
  3. Freddy, Dan from MacUSA.net here. I can't find your account in our records using your name. We have numerous accounts in Thailand so I can't determine which one is you. Knowing which server you are on may help me better understand your speed issues. Some servers are FileMaker Server Advanced 9, some 10, and others 11. Please let me know which server your database is on or your organization name. All previous supplied suggestions are good ones. From experienced sources. Sometimes you have to jump through a lot of inconvenient hoops to get to the solution or a compromise. T
  4. jorge, Seems like you need to demonstrate this to a customer on a temporary basis. If so, you should consider one of the many professional FileMaker hosts that provide free trial periods -- like MacUSA. Won't cost you anything within the trial period and certainly no hassle. Dan McFalls MacUSA.net FileMaker Host 708-233-6638
  5. Would like more info. Are you hosting it a professional hosting service or using FileMaker Pro on your own computer? What are the download AND upload speeds of BOTH internet connections? Are the slow fields set to index? Dan McFalls MacUSA.net FileMaker Hosting Services
  6. A good idea but not the resolution to this issue. We have a few Small Business servers and can script fmsadmin just fine. Dan McFalls MacUSA.net
  7. JSK, First change the directory to point to the fmsadmin.exe directory. cd "c:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDatabase Server " Then the open command. fmsadmin OPEN -y -u username -p password databasename Dan McFalls MacUSA.net
  8. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS We're trying to fill our FileMaker Server 10 servers! In January 2010 MacUSA purchased more than a dozen new servers configured with FileMaker Server Advanced 10. Two months later, without a hint, FileMaker Inc. released version 11. Rather than upgrade each server for $1,800 each, we've reduced hosting fees for new database hosting services on the new servers running version 10. Join our push to fill these servers! Will my FileMaker 11 databases work properly on these servers? Yes! Every new feature of FileMaker Pro 11 will work with a FileMaker Pro 11 datab
  9. Rod, I don't gamble so I wouldn't understand your remark and I am DEFINITELY NOT A SPAMMER. We spend many thousands each year battling SPAM. In fact, do a search in this forum for our competitors posts and compare them to ours. We provide very few solicitations for business. I really think you should do a little research about somebody before slamming them. I don't think you would appreciate that done to you. Our parent company has been in business for 20 years. MacUSA was the first to offer FileMaker hosting services in 1996 and is still around in part because of honesty and integ
  10. Nope. I wasn't mistaken in what I told David. Most, probably 90% or more, new features of FileMaker Pro clients run just fine on FileMaker Server 10 and possibly even version 9 depending upon the features. We're not FileMaker engineers and cannot explain the technical reasons why it works. We just know it works as told by many hundreds of our customers. MacUSA hosts thousands of databases with versions of FileMaker Server going back to version 6. Over the the past 20 years we've discovered that many new features of the FileMaker Pro client application work fine on earlier ser
  11. Becky, We've been providing FileMaker hosting for 14 years now. In an ongoing effort to push technology to its limits (and rectify failures) we have many FileMaker Server Advanced Servers configured in various ways. Single and multiple servers -- some dedicated to FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced -- and others shared. Without equivocation I can say it's best to have a dedicated server for FileMaker Server. If you really need to squeeze as much out of the server as possible you could probably use it as a light or medium duty web server with IIs. However, I urge you
  12. Or perhaps under Sharing in the File menu / Instant Web Publishing... / choose "no users" under "Instant Web Publishing access to this file". Dan McFalls MacUSA.net
  13. K Camp, Speed and security are the top concerns. Your speeds on a wired network are going to be much quicker. Most ethernet cards today are 10/100/1000 Mbit/sec. Wireless has three standards. 802.11b is 11 Mbit/sec 802.11g is 54 Mbit/sec 802.11n varies between manufacturers One other thing that should be noted about wireless is that the weaker the signal you have (be it becaouse of distance or walls, etc) the slower overall rate of transfer you'll achieve. FileMaker moves a lot of data back and forth. Expect a noticeable different between wired and wireless.
  14. Seems like your plans may be overkill. With shared servers you can do a whole lot for very little. For example: $16.95 per month can buy you FileMaker database only hosting. $21.95 per month can buy you FileMaker and web hosting. $36.95 per month can give you the above plus enough file space accessible via FTP, WebDAV, Apple File Sharing, Windows Networking, and a web browser. And two months free when paying annually. MacUSA.net
  15. Your needs seem so simple I doubt that it justifies spending $2,500 on software and even more on equipment and maintenance. Doesn't $17/month to pay a hosting company seem much more reaonable and trouble-free? Just needed to add my 2¢ worth. Dan McFalls MacUSA.net FileMaker Hosting 708-233-6638
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