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  1. I guess I am missing something in FileMaker. How do I capture the exit of a field?
  2. Thanks. I looked at DoScript and it appears to do what I want. However, I am used to doing all my own code and would love to know how to do a plug-in. On the other hand, why re-invent the wheel. My concern though is using something free and not having it avaialable in future upgrades.
  3. I played with portals and they work great if limiting data in a linked table. I have a table that is a temp check register not linked to anything. A portal initiates a new record how I am looking, but I am unsure how to do this with a List View. Is it possible to capture events, like an after post event or before post event. I do not want to the user to have to click a NEW RECORD button.
  4. Never mind...new to FileMaker and this forum, looking for quick answer and just needed a little extra searching B)
  5. Can you use a local variable in a Perform Find script step? I try and it does not find any records. If I hard code the text value of the variable, the find perfoms perfectly. Thanks, Lewis Howell
  6. Thanks. Being new to FileMake, I had not worked with portals. This is exactly what I need.
  7. I am new to FileMaker and have received excellent answers to other questions today. The answers I have received have opened new doors to my understanding FileMaker. I am a digger, so my questions come after beating my head on the wall : What I need to do is to add a new record to a table when a user tabs past the last field in a List View. Thanks in advance, Lewis Howell
  8. Excellent. I will play with Global Fields without hesitation now. Should I have 1 table for all my gloabal fields, or should each table have a column for any global fields?
  9. Thanks. When I say filter, I mean find. This is how I do the find: Enter Find Mode[] Show Custom Dialog[MyDateField] Perform Find[] I was reading about global fields and trying to understand how rthey are handled in FileMaker. I am assuming global fields are in a table. If so, and the database is peer-to-peer, would every user have the same values in the global fields?
  10. I am new to FileMaker, but not new to development or databases (15-20 years). I have books and do extensive research before asking questions, that is if I am not under a time constraint. I appreciate any assistance with the following: I have a report that I have scripted to run. I show a dialog and filter by a date. This is successful. 1. I want to show a dialog and filter by a date range? 2. I want to display the date range back to the user on the report? Thanks for any help, Lewis Howell
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