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  1. Hi Tom, Was just checking to see if you were able to open the file? Thanks
  2. sorry, if you would choose the guest account then no password is needed. thanks
  3. Dear Tom, attached is the zip file. I think my problem is the table occurrences is incorrect. I'm trying to bring the field under attending start, under student_detail layout to the field day attending inside the portal. Main objective is different students sign up for different date, and the portal in the program should list student ID, Student name and the date which student will be starting. I hope my explanation is clear enought. Again, thanks ExcelsiusAcademy_Copy608.zip
  4. Hi, should I zip my file and up load, which is the easiest for you. Thanks
  5. Thank you for the reply. I have a portal in the student layout "Student_LineItem" in there I have a field StudentStartDate which resign at student_lineItem_CLASSREGISTER. Now, in the PRogram layout, I have a portal "Program_lineitem_Student" that list the name of students who registered for that Program, in this portal I also need to display the field "Student startDate" info which is from the other portal. I tried many ways to relate these two portals and the table occurrences without success. What am I doing wrong?. Thanks for the help. Best Regards Michael
  6. Hi All, Could some one please shed some light on the topic talbe occurences between portals. I can't bring one field from one portal to another. I tried to find the topic on here but did not see any that related to the topic. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks David, I did make the field unique, however the possibilities of having the same number keep popping up. If I were to add a field called primaryID and change the relation pointing to this field, so the other ID is now just an ID field. Do you think it will mess up the data base?
  8. Hi David, Thank you for the info, yes, the related field was set as number, it seems to have fixed the problem. however, do you think by keeping this format, student's ID = first letter of last name and 4 digits of the phone number. would make my data base to be vulnerable? Again, Thanks Michael
  9. Hi all, Please help, my student ID, which is a text field, X1234 for example. file maker seems to "not be" able to differentiate between X1234 and Y1234. when I input a class for ID X1234 it also display in Y1234's record. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  10. One big good morning to you, I had the field in the wrong table, fixed it. Thanks a million.
  11. Hello comment, Thank you for the reply, isn't true that any fields from the related table can be placed inside a portal?
  12. Hello every one, I have this problem with my portal, hoping that you can shed some light. one of the field in my portal is displaying twice, first line and second line, and if I try to delete the second line, then the content of the first line also got deleted. I tried to recreated the portal but the same thing happened. Hope that I have explained myself clearly. Thanks for the help. Michael T
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