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  1. i see, my bad i can't believe there is no way of finding out if a value is a valid number without using a script or recursion so what would be a valid number? 5 5.123 0.5 .5 0.0 1.0e+5 123,456 123,456.789 123 456 123 456.789 (same with minus sign) am i missing any and is taking into consideration the formatting with "," and " " overkill?
  2. this works for me, Exact ( GetAsText ( $value ) ; GetAsText ( GetAsNumber ( $value ) ) ) returns 1 when its a number
  3. i believe he wants to print the html document and not the filemaker layout. exporting the webviewer html content to file is pretty easy with GetLayoutObjectAttribute() and the export field content script step.
  4. try with applescript something like: open -b com.apple.Safari x.html osascript -e 'tell app "Safari" to print window 1 with properties {target printer:"YourPrinterName"}' on windows you could do something like: rundll32.exe mshtml.dll,PrintHTML "c:\x.html"
  5. use GetLayoutObjectAttribute(webviewername;"source") on a webviewer that loads google.com or something and check the result of the function to see if the page you specified did load.
  6. you can also open it out of the workspace left: -100 top: -100
  7. instead of a portal you could use a "go to related" script step using the same layout in list mode
  8. mfrapp

    Sort problem

    if your sort field has the auto-enter modification attribute, i guess it would trigger a resort every time you change any field
  9. you cant, portal row height is fixed
  10. probably "D:" backslahes are escape sequences so to escape a escape you must add a and the part where it adds the file and exports it back should be after the If / End If and no Else just check if path exists, if no create it end if add the file and Get(ActiveFieldContents) is wrong use a proper field or variable for your filename
  11. just curious as too how you would do that since "Open file" is not supported by fms, "Open file" returns error 4 in fms logs. Is there another way?
  12. what u need is this Get ( TriggerModifierKeys ) Get ( TriggerKeystroke )
  13. maybe try putting your gotofield step after a commit or refresh step just a idea
  14. maybe make a bigger image already tiled. just a idea
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