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  1. I am trying to create an autogenerated Id number for an invoice but this number must be prefixed by the year for example 2012/1 however at the start of each new year these number need to go back to 1 so for example the first invoice next year will be numbered 2013/1. can anyone suggest the best way for this to be done. John
  2. I have a form that shows records filtered by one field. Another field on that form is one for year. I want the record to show on the screen by default is the one where the year field is the current year but I want the other years to also still remain in the found set. So for example after the find there are three record one for 2010, one for 2011 and one for 2012. I want the 2011 to be the one showing on the screen but the other two to still be available by scrolling. can anyone help many Thanks John
  3. Brilliant Comment, just worked out how this works, Just what I need. Thank you
  4. Hi Vaughan, Thank you for the code, looks great and I think it would work well for me. However I am still not sure how to get it to return when I only want it to check the start of the Window name. For example, the window´s name is "Event Detail - and the date of the event" So I want it to select any window that starts Event Detail regardless of the other information that follows it. Sorry if i am missing something obvious. many thanks John
  5. This is brilliant works great for me, however I would like to make it so that if the window starts with a name in this case Event Detail it will work. eg Not Isempty( FilterValues ( WindowNames ; "Event Deail" ) ) Thought about using a left function but can not get my head around where to implement it. Can anyone help. John
  6. If they are still using this databased in 2100 I will be impressed, although probably dead haha. Thanks for the tip though will change my code.
  7. Hi I have used set field by name in a script to set a field where the field name is set by a variable. It works great. However I would first like to check the contents of the field before replacing it so would like to use something like a Go to field by name but it does not seem to exist. Does anyone have a suggestion how I might get around this. Many thanks John
  8. Hi sorry did not intend to create a debate. I should have been clearer. Basically what I was looking for is if a number in this case a year was divisible by four (and would therefore denote a leap year) it would trigger conditional formating on the field I have for 29th Feb. The not Mod ( number ; 4 ) worked like a dream Thank you all for your help.
  9. I think this may be a quick one. I want a function that returns a Boolean result if a number is divisible by 4 ie it returns a whole number when divided by 4. Is this possible. Many thanks
  10. Thank you both. This has put me on the right track. However I have changed slightly how I am relating the data. What I need to do now is to make a date field relate to a field name. The date could be 2010/7/29 and I need it to become JL72010. I realise that I would need to use the left, middle and right functions but not sure how to do this as the day and month could be one or two digits and the reference date is a variable? Can anyone point me in the right direction. Many thanks John
  11. Hi I have a lot of fields to create conditional formatting for and their formatting is based on a second field, a different field for each one. All of the fields follow the same format. EG. the displayed field that has the conditional formatting on is JA1 and the field that determines its formatting is JA1 Copy. To save a huge amount of time I would like to set all the fields at once determining the referenced field by formula ie JA1 + copy. Is this possible? Many thanks John
  12. Hi I have set up my database to be accessed by web publishing from outside my office. I am just using filemaker pro 10 advanced not server. It works great. However I would also like to access it with my full version of filemaker from my laptop when in my other office. Is this possible and can anyone suggest what the path would be if the file is in the documents folder of a mac running snow leopard. many thanks John
  13. Hi I am creating a database that will be a stand alone runtime solution. I wish to include a folder in the run times files that will store PDF´s relevant to each record. I have created files and opened files from a filemaker database before and so am happy with this but is it possible to have the file path so it does not matter where the client places the runtime solution files. ie it treats the main run time folder as the root? Many thanks for your help. John
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