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  1. thanks... Goodness, I have spent too many hours staring at this file...cant see the wood for the trees. Yes, thats the simple solution. Thanks again.
  2. Ok, you are right, but I am obviously missing something here... One has a space, the other doesnt. But they are supposed to be drawn from the supplier records, and there is only one records of Eastwoods. So where is the other line coming from?
  3. Heres the file. The value list in question is visible in the Supplier layout especially. Stockm.zip
  4. Firstly I had based the list on a list of names I entered manually into a field 'supplier list' I deleted that field, and instead, based the list on the actual supplier records in the db. There is only one record for each supplier. So, it should generate a value list with only one name. I have double checked, and there is definitely only supplier record for each supplier...
  5. yes, tried that again. Turned indexing off, even deleted one of the suppliers...they still show up in the list!
  6. I know, it makes sense, but I have tried that, and there is only one occurance of the suppliers who show up double. Thats what doesnt make sense. But I do wonder, as I say, duplicated file, and tried deleting these suppliers, and the value list still showed them there...
  7. I had a value list based on a list of suppliers I entered directly/manually into a special field for the purpose. I changed this to base the value list on the actual suppliers I have created records for. So, add a new supplier, and then the value list will automatically change to include that. But something is awry - the value list is fine except that there are 3 suppliers who appear twice in it. I checked, and there is definitely only one record for each of these suppliers. I experimented with deleting one of the suppliers, and their name still appears twice! So how does this work
  8. thanks...I tried the get record number, perfect
  9. This is exactly what I want to do, but I dont understand what you mean by @@ as a text element on the row. Do you mean place @@ in a certain field? Or part of a calcuation? Steve
  10. Cool, that did it. I learn something new every day. Thanks.
  11. I have 12 portals on one layout (relating to ordering a range of products). When the manager orders one of the products listed on one of the rows of a portal, they press a button (script) to change the status of that item (order placed), and it disappears off the portal as a result. The trouble is, even after running the script, its only when you actually manually click off the portal, onto the background, that the portal updates. I cant find a command to do this - I tried including Go to Object in the script, but that didnt do it. Refresh window doesnt work either. Go to next portal row doesn
  12. Thanks. Yes, my wife criticises my overuse of colour. I see what you mean - could put that alert in. But I guess I just want to display all the options. I think if I create the extra records, and a portal to view them, then that can take care of the problem.
  13. I have designed a stock management and ordering database. Tables: Stock Orders Suppliers So an request-order gets created - new record, with name of stock item. Lets say vinegar. But there are two suppliers of vinegar - A and B. The staff entering the order randomly just selects one of them. When the manager comes to place all the orders, they go to a portal which shows all the items requested by staff, organised under by supplier. Now, I want to extend this. So that although the request was for vinegar/ supplier A, I want the portal somehow to also show supplier B, and the
  14. Thanks..I am new to posting, how do I attach the file?
  15. Cool, thanks for your response and the sample. Its actually from a fairly complex file I created that is stock management. I have included a recipie table within the file, so it looks up ingredients and prices from the list of stock we keep. But I have gone off the rails somewhere. For instance, when I delete one of the portal rows, it deletes all records in the portal. Hmmm... Do you mind if I send to you and you have a look? Steve
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