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  1. We want to be able to import specific emails into user contacts to keep a record of customer contacts. we are looking at Mail8 and 360 works. No need to actually send emails etc just import received and sent emails specifically. I envisage a column of emails and simply select email and click import to contacts.
  2. I have a record set like this Contacts - Join - group where contacts joint and group are tables with join related to the other via contact ID + group ID users currently login and I would like to add notes and information about specific groups in relation to the contact ID. I guess ideally this information would go in the JOin record ? or maybe the Contacts record... however for each bit iof data put in... ie a note regarding a contact in realtion to a campaign I want the user who entered that data to be identifiable… how can we do this ?
  3. OK got it and it works... Thanks... I now want to list the members of a group in one large list.. Guess that should be easy enough...
  4. HI Claus, Yes I have I have altered it a bit... since I needed it to do a few other things... It does not seem to creature the join records... I put in a Show custom dialogue pop up so I can see it is finding 995 records in a search but then it fails to create join records... I am looking into this... Thanks...
  5. hmmm... so I was wondering the variable "Count" I could not re create this ... If someone would like to help me that would be great Claus has been kind enough to help me with this solution, I don't want to pour oil on the storm here but I do need this solution, so if anyone extraneously commenting here can address the central question I put… that would be most welcome….
  6. I am not sure what this value is... SetVariable ( $count )
  7. can you give me a pointer ? Basically I want to Create A "Marketing Group" from a series of contacts and then view info about the group from the new Group record … i.e. show all contacts in group etc...
  8. Yes I thought about a dynamic relationship but I think it needs to be fixed..
  9. We have about 1500 records (contacts) and a group will be created every week or maybe more often... Will this be the best way to group the contacts ? Thanks.
  10. Ah yes that is a great idea... So I will create a button... This will launch a window... in it it will have search criteria from the contacts table and there will be an option to put in a name for the group…(required) Then upon a create button being pressed ... The group record will be created with the search criteria and name and a middle record will be created with the two fields... We will be creating about 5 groups a week possibly...
  11. Hi, I would like to create groups of records based on a specified search criteria of the contacts files we have... I would then like to keep this "Group" as a named resource that can be used for marketing….. The contacts files have various unique defined fields that would be the search criteria. I have another table for the resulting "Marketing Group" I am wondering where would you put the group identifier… in he contact record or put the contact record identifier in the "Marketing Group" Table... we need to see from the contact which "Marketing Group's" it belongs to and from the "Marketing Group" which contacts belong to the group... we will also want to collate metrics etc... Thanks...
  12. HI I have FMP 12 Advanced... One of the starter solutions is "content management" however when I change the storage system to "outside the database" the filename Placeholder field goes all odd and shows the path… size etc of the file… How can I just get the file name for this field …?
  13. How can I put a header in portal view ? or at least have that functionality….? Thanks...
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