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  1. I have a calculation to find a middle name that does not return any text. The calculation is for parsing the middle name in a string that may contain a title, such as Mr, Dr, etc is: Case(IsEmpty(Title) = 1 and MiddleWords(FullName; 2; 1) - NameLast; MiddleWords(FullName; 2; 1); IsEmpty(Title) = 0 and MiddleWords(FullName; 3; 1) - NameLast; MiddleWords(FullName; 3; 1); "") This is accepted as valid but returns only a blank. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Unfortunately one owner can own many cars and even the same car more than once, so I need the intersection table. And there are perhaps 6000 transactions over the past 50 years so importing them one by one and manually linking them is a bit daunting. Is there a way to automate this?
  3. I have an access database that I converted to FM12. The db is a flat file that contains about 1500 old classic cars and their ownership history. Each record consists of the car VIN (which is unique) and a list of owners from 1 to n, over the years, with each owner name residing in a different field, e.g. owner 1, owner 2, ....owner n. I have created a relational db with three tables: cars, owners, and a join table called transactions. My question is how do I first establish the relationship in separate tables between each owner and the unique VIN, and then how do I "import" them such that
  4. This is very helpful. Do you see a need for more than the three tables, i.e. donor, join field of transactions, and exhibits? How would i handle the unusual case where more than one donor is involved in gifting or loaning an exhibit? thanks
  5. I am trying to resolve the following issue. I am building a database for a non profit museum. One donor can have many gifts. But it is also possible for a donor to loan an item rather than gift it. Do I simply need a field under the gift table that states whether it is gifted or loaned, or should I have a separate table for each type, i.e. gift or loan. This is made more complicated because a loaned gift can later turn into a donation. Any help is greatly appreciated. w buch
  6. thanks for the help on the join table. What is confusing me is what else goes into this table? Is it just the references to the other tables or would there be other fields required. The table schema I have worked out is as follows. Study Title - institution name - Doctor name - patient name. One study can be to many institutions, and one institution can have many studies. One institution can have many doctors and one doctor can have many patients. I am not sure how to diagram this on the ERD. Thanks in advance
  7. I am working on a clinical trial database. There are four tables. Two of them are TrialTitleID and another is InstitutionNameID and both will have primary keys. But these two tables are many to many, i.e. one institution can have many trials and a trial can have more than one institution that runs the trial. I can't figure out a logical way to have an intersection table to make these each be one to many. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I will check it out. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Is it possible to count occurrences in check box set fields? In other words, if I have three sizes of shirts, S, M, L as check boxes, can I count the number of different sizes as a summary field or calculation field across multiple records?
  10. Ralph: Thanks very much. I had forgotten that simple fact! Much appreciated. wally
  11. I populate some fields from a relational database in a second database, e.g. first name, last name. When I try to make merge fields out of them in a form letter, they read in the layout mode <>, <>. The fields print fine in the browse mode, but when I try to slide the fields together in the slide/print window, they refuse to slide. I select both of them with shift/click or a lasso; they both highlight, but when I look at the browse version, they are not slid. The are formatted to the left. Help please
  12. It worked perfectly with the option key. Thanks for all your help!!!
  13. Holding down the Shift key doesnt appear to make a difference.
  14. I created a database in fm 7. The access privileges are now preventing me from making any layout changes. The Define area on the menu is grayed out. Can anyone help?
  15. That works great! You are a great resource.
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