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  1. Yes it works (it prints all the pages) but only under these two conditions: 1- it must be printed from internet explorer and 2- you have to choose the "print all frames" options in the print dialog box. I finally got this only by trial and error with the print settings in internet explorer. Do your own test anyway. suggestion: put a warning prior to printing for the user to know how to make the printing work ( I know, I didnt like having to do that either...but...)
  2. mmm..very interesting solution..! one question though...that way those plugins would work only based on time intervals instead of being triggered at the exact moment and from the specific record the user is at the moment he triggers the plugin? (troi file plugin is the one I need the most) Maybe if you have an example with the timed script to see it in action please?
  3. Thanks! what about troi plugins (specially troi file)? I asked them but havent answered....anyone?
  4. Dear Steven: Do any of these plugins work under IWP ?
  5. Dear Fenton: Does any of these plugins work under IWP?
  6. I am so sorry...you are correct...your response made me remember that my solution worked only in cases when someone had used the "delete" key over the picture to erase it. If that happened then the count function the count function would say (0) instead of (1). Therefore & unfortunately it does not really solve at all the problem in the topic. Sorry about that.
  7. I am using the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function to obtain the content from the webviewer. This webviewer is set to automatically check a different page depending on the record it is on (url based on field). A calculated field with GetLayoutObjectAttribute function gets the resultant content accordingly so I get this resultant info stored in my table. It seems to work fine. The problem is though, that it only does it for the record that was active at the moment of defining the fields involved. Also, if the content of the webviewer changes my calculated field does not update itself accor
  8. do filemaker plugins (troi , activator) work under IWP? cant seem to get them to work there...
  9. Sorry, I dont get it...is it possible to directly type html code in the web viewer instead of an url address ?
  10. How can you say that Ender? a container field CAN have repetitions. If it's convenient or not that is something else, but it is NOT true that a container field can hold only one image per record. On the other hand, if the only use it is going to be given is to flip through different photos what is the problem with using repetitions? DOnt see the need for a related file & portal in THIS particular case... lets not suggest kill a fly with a missil!
  11. the answer is not in the white paper...I think you missed it....the answer to your problem is to use GetAsText (YourContainerField)
  12. Hey Guys: I use a very simple effective solution that works beautifully for what you need even if the image is just referenced. Use the count(field) function and just replace "field" with the container field (note I have only checked with container fields not with calc field with container result). If the image referenced by the container field exists, the count will be 1, otherwise it will be 0!
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