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  1. Psychic

    Haha - my animal was a kitten - oh well ;oP
  2. Hi DanS, If you are still needing support, please contact me off list at donw@dwdataconcepts.com. We offer flexible development and support plans that might fit your needs. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you.
  3. Creating a slideshow

    What buttons are you concerned about? Could you mock up a quick example file with the button issue you are concerned about. I will take look a make a few mods to deal with it (or at a minimum make a few suggestions).
  4. Creating a slideshow

    Hi Robert, You could always just set a VAR and wrap your advance slide script steps with some logic that looks to that VAR: -- Start Slide Show -- (button behavior set to Halt Script) Set Field['image', 'first image'] Set Variable [$$pause, 1] Loop Pause/Resume Script ['5'] Exit Loop If ['last image'] If[$$pause = 1] Set Field['image', 'next image'] End If End Loop -- Pause SlideShow -- (button behavior set to Resume Script) Set Variable [$$pause, ""] -- Resume SlideShow -- (button behavior set to Resume Script) Set Variable [$$pause, 1] -- Stop SlideShow -- (button behavior set to Halt Script) Set Variable [$$pause, ""] Set Field['image', 'starting splash page'] This is quick and dirty, but you get the idea.
  5. Hi Guy, I made a few mods to your architecture. Please review attached file. Let me know if it needs adjusting. Good luck! ERC Registry v2 Mod_dw.fmp12
  6. Text Field with image aligned

    Sorry I am way late on this thread - not sure if you solved it. Why not just use "Conditional Formatting" to BOLD and CHANGE THE COLOR? Will that work? Good luck!
  7. Seems like you are missing the FIELD object: //CREATE FILEMAKER OBJECT $fm = new FileMaker($database, $hostname, $username, $password); //GET THE LAYOUT AS AN OBJECT. $layoutObject = $fm->getLayout($layoutName); $fieldName = "your_field_name'; //GET THE FIELD FROM LAYOUT AS AN OBJECT $fieldObject = $layoutObject->getField($fieldName); //GET THE VALUE LIST ATTACHED TO THIS FIELD $valueList = $fieldObject->getValueList(); // FOR TESTING echo "<pre>"; print_r($valueList); echo "</pre>"; Good luck!
  8. Delete Related Records, what if multiple parents exist?

    Hi Roeland, If the goal is to keep the REMARK if other ANSWERS use it, then you will need to add scripting with logic to know when you want the CHILD deleted. Please check out the attached file Good luck! sample.zip
  9. HTML in Web Viewer shows too wide

    Hi Robin, Take a look at this sample file. Is the HTML/CSS looking okay in it on your computer? Let me know. Good luck! html_wv.zip
  10. Hey gang, Dealing with a little quirky report part issue in FileMaker. I am wondering how other developers deal with this. Below is the use case scenario and attached is a sample file I zapped up. ISSUE: I have a simple List Report (Header, Body, Trailing Grand Summary, and Footer). Sometimes, depending on the quantity of records in the found set, the Trailing Grand Summary breaks to a new page with NO BODY ROWS. This is quite confusing to the recipient. It would be nice to have at least one row present in this case for continuity purposes. I am wonder if someone has a slick way to cause that last record to push to the next page if the Trailing Grand Summary is going to be by itself. If the BODY part was fixed, I could group the records and add a sub-summary (with page break after occurrence) to push the next record to next page. When the body height varies via field sliding this does not work and falls short. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! tr_grand.fmp12
  11. I have a client that is looking for a FileMaker Construction management system that he can potentially integrate into his existing FMP database solution. He is interested in features like: Estimates, Bids, Proposals, Contracts, Forms, Change Orders, etc… Anything established products come to mind? Appreciate any direction you can offer.
  12. Sub Summary Report in Natural Order

    Define a new break field: product_ext_lot_key = (Calculation, Text Result) = product & external_lot then define the corresponding summary field if yu have not already: sum_Qty = (Summary, Total of Qty) then define your LAYOUT PARTS as follows: PART (in caps) context (lower case) HEADER stuff... SUB-SUMMARY (by "product_ext_lot_key" - Above) product external_lot sum_Qty TRAILING SUMMARY Total = sum_Qty FOOTER stuff.... Just sort by the new "product_ext_lot_key" field. Will that achieve what you need? I hope this helps!
  13. Hi BamoBino, If you can't quite get the report output you want from FMP you can always compile HTML and output to a browser. Here is a little example file. Hope it is close to what you are looking for. I am happy to answer questions, if needed. Good luck to you. ReportEx.zip
  14. Hmmm - so am I on track with understanding your needs? MAIN_CATEGORY table (primary key is _pk_main_category_id) with ONE TO MANY records (you mention 6 records) SUB_CATEGORY table (primary key is _pk_sub_category_id / foreign key is _fk_main_category_id) with ZERO TO MANY records for each MAIN CATEGORY record (you mention most main categories have 9-12 sub-categories) QUESTION table (primary key is _pk_question_id / foreign key is _fk_sub_category_id) with ZERO TO MANY records for each SUB CATEGORY record (I guess you would have X amount of questions per sub-category) ANSWER table (primary key is _pk_answer_id / foreign key is _fk_question_id) with ZERO TO MANY records for each QUESTION record (then you would have X answers to each question) Does this sound close or am I missing something? More info please. Thanks! ;-)
  15. Just worked this up in the Data Viewer: Feel free to insert real fields where instructed: Let([ a = Date(12,28,2015); // Replace with Invoice Date field b = 30; // Replace with Payment Terms Days field c = a + b; // Due Date d = Get(CurrentDate); // Current Date e = "Yes" // Replace with Paid field ]; If(c = "Paid", "Invoice Paid"; Case( d > c, "overdue by " & d - c & " day(s)"; c > d, c- d & " day(s) left"; "Due Today") ) ) Hope this helps!

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