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  1. Hi. Just created my first runtime solution on Mac and on Windows. On Mac the process generates: The runtime app A USR copy of the original solution A .pdf file An Extensions folder total: 85Mb On Windows, the process generates: The runtime app A USR copy of the original solution 30+ .dll files 3 Microsoft Folders An Extensions folder with 11 subfolders Total 135Mb It's hard to even find the runtime app in the mess of .dll files... What gives? Why the big leap in size? Is there any way to trim the fat? Many thanks for any help...
  2. Thanks Sunshein, but my text is actually sitting over imported graphics... here's an image:
  3. Hi, I'm building a solution that has a primarily dark background, with light-colored text (yellow, white etc.). When I enter an edit field or pop-up menu to make changes or make a selection, the background reverts to white, which is a crazy difficult color to edit white text against... Anyone have any idea if that's something I can change? Many thanks
  4. Thanks everyone for the insight, but it's obvious I don't know enough about variables or globals etc. so I have to go back to school... I see what you've achieved, but don't understand how it's working. I do appreciate the help, though -)
  5. Hi. I'm trying to work out how to add a 'simple' three-state button to the top of a layout, using a container field with three repetitions. I'm trying to glean the technique from various threads here, but I'm getting nowhere... I've attached a couple of the 'states' as graphics. I assumed I'd be able to call up a repetition with a script attached to an invisible button, but... Any help appreciated
  6. Fenton, Soren, Normanicus, Thank you for your help : I really like the button solution from yours Soren, but I'm worried about cross-platform font issues... I'll have to research that (I'm going to be making a two runtimes from this, one for Mac, one for PC). Otherwise it's ideal. Presumably I could add a third or fourth condition to the click/toggle...? Normanicus, I'm going to have to drill down into this to see how you achieved this portal-based solution. It seems that with a little tweaking this might do the job, if I can make it discreet and foolproof enough. Wouldn't i
  7. Hi. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a field that contains a list of images (icons), as opposed to text? Example 1: I have a record layout that needs to show the "status" of a given record between the values "open", "pending" or "closed". I'd like to offer the user a pop-up list of green, amber or red dots, rather than the words themselves. Example 2: Instead of choosing between value "Buy" or "Sell", I'd like the user to choose between a green [color:green]UP arrow or a red [color:red]DOWN arrow icon — and have the result be the only icon visible (as opposed to som
  8. It's OK. This texting business is very harsh when it comes to tone... I try to express my gratitude for people's attention to my requests for help — particularly yourself, DJ, comment — as I know I'm asking a favor. If anything, I exaggerate my manners, so you KNOW I'm not just a lazy exploiter of your generosity. But with this particular request, it became more and more obvious that the problem lay at a fundamental level with my source data and not with the advice I was being given. As it turns out (and as was being predicted), a eureka moment has occurred this morning as I worked back t
  9. As soon as I posted that, we suffered a 2hr neighborhood power outtage... I had every intention of performing the three "tasks" AND trying to work backwards to see where the error lies at my end. Have I not been polite enough? I thought I had.
  10. I'm going to go back and rebuild the dependancies that lead me to A & B, 'cos obviously something's not right at this end and I don't want to keep wasting your time with my inane floundering around. I'll be back...
  11. OK, that returns a crazy 55310.97250.4010207801676996 ?
  12. Sometimes, stuck here in this room on my own, day after day, I feel like the only one who's EVER struggled with this program... -)
  13. Well, that too returns 50.40102078 Which is nuts. I'd better call Filemaker and tell them I've got a dodgy copy... -(
  14. It's definitely a number, but with its "number format" set to $ currency with two decimal places... I've since removed that formatting, but the result stays the same.
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