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  1. Hi, I want to use MirrorSync to sync 55 iPads with our FM database. Do I need a FM server license for those 55 iPads (above the 5 FUD license we have for our 5 computers in the office) or do they not account toward the server license?
  2. Hi, I am trying to read all the attachments so also the inline attachments , but I get ERROR when I use EmailReadMessageValue("attachmentsAll") Mail plugin 3.01 EmailReadMessageValue("attachments") works fine. What is going wrong here?
  3. Thanks Ryan, That did the trick!, I installed the new version and it al worked again. Have a nice weekend! Ruben
  4. Hi, I am using the Supercontainer plugin vs 2.896 to upload pictures to SuperContainer and that script has stopped working and I get error messages like: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class java.net.SocksSocketImpl 2015TIFF/88988 /E:/InfomaticsIII/TCM[untitled]_2015033009341800_001.tif I understand that the Windows server 2011 machine is updated to Java 8 update 40, has that something to do with this? Best regards, Ruben
  5. Hi, I can make a pdf from multiple records, using sliding etc. But I want to use the company writing paper as a background. Is it possible to add the company paper (which I have as a pdf) to a new pdf using SM and iText or something? Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software
  6. Hi David, No it is just a blank screen, no message. I have a pretty good connection to the server, normally around 90KB/s downstream, but it is possible that sometimes the connection is much slower. It looks like SC tries to download the image and then stops because of a timeout, If I try to force the image back by going to layout mode and back to browse mode it sometimes works and sometimes not. Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software ruben@infomatics.nl
  7. Hi, If I remotely open a FileMaker solution over the internet the SuperContainer files (in this case pdf's) do sometimes turn blank. Not every pdf but some do not show the image, going to layout and back to browse sometimes restores the image but not always. What to do? Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software
  8. OK i'll see if I can find the answer else. Thank you for your help! Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software ruben@infomatics.nl
  9. The URL left is my original URL which gives a street_address using the webview and postal_code address using the GetURLasText (see the screenshot) what do you get?, it seems like you say that you get the postal_code in both instances? The URL on the right is a different address where I get on both sides the postal_code, so it seems that in certain conditions there is a difference in result between the webview and as returned from the GetURLasText command, that is why I posted the question. Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software ruben@infomatics.nl
  10. I can not imagine that, I have the same result on Safari and Firefox and on different machines even on different networks. Is it possible that Google returns different results when a different user agent is used? Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software ruben@infomatics.nl
  11. I get, street_address left and route right, as I would expect. Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software ruben@infomatics.nl
  12. Attached is my sample file with the screenshot. I have tested it on my MBP 10.6.5 using FMA 9 and 11 and on an 10.6.5 iMac with FMA 8.5 and a 10.4.11 Mac mini using FPA 8.5 and they all show the street_address in the webview and the postal_code as a result of the GETURLasText command. I also tried the url in FireFox and that also gave the street_address ?? It is like the browser (webview) does something to the request and gets a different result so I checked it with HTTPScoop, and see that I get 1.8kB return when I use GetURL and 2.32kB using the webview, I also see that the User A
  13. Hi David, I get from the webview: OK street_address Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 27, 1052 Amsterdam, Nederland 27 27 street_number Gillis van Ledenberchstraat Gillis van Ledenberchstraat route Frederik Hendrikbuurt Frederik Hendrikbuurt sublocality political Westerpark Westerpark sublocality political Amsterdam Amsterdam locality political Amsterdam Amsterdam administrative_area_level_2 political Noord-Holland NH administrative_area_level_1 political Nederland NL country political 1052 1052 postal_code 52.3774102 4.8725948 RANGE_INTERPOLATED 52.3742647 4.8694381 52.3805600 4.8757334 52.
  14. Hi, I am using the Get URL as Text function to get the XML for the following URL http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/xml?address=Gilles+van+Ledenberchstraat+27,1052TX,+Amsterdam,+Nederland&sensor=false the strange thing is that if I use this URL in a webview or browser I get the geocoding for the street_address, but if I use the ScriptMaster plugin I get the coding for the postal_code! What is going wrong here? Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software
  15. Hi, If I try to open a pdf from SuperContainer in FileMaker GO the pdf is displayed in the webview instead of opened in a pdf viewer. Is it possible to direct it to a pdf viewer? iBooks?/ Safari? Best regards, Ruben van den Boogaard Infomatics Software
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