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  1. "Highlighting" may have been a poor choice of words on my part. Yes I am just trying to setup a calculation to show which keywords may be in the text description of a particular record. And yes I think that all of the keywords are limited to one word values.
  2. The text field that I am trying to filter is not a return delimited list unfortunately. It is a generic text description that I am just trying to filter to certain keywords, which may be any random order but are valuable to highlight.
  3. I am afraid that that too is not working well for me. So I thought that perhaps using the ValueListItems function with a Let () command might help but still am not getting anywhere fast. Attempt #1= No results: Let ( var1 = ValueListItems ( "test" ; "test" ) ; FilterValues ( test::Text Field ; var1) ) Attempt #2= Error results: Let ( var1 = " & ValueListItems ( "test" ; "test" ) & " ; FilterValues ( test::Text Field ; var1) ) Error message from Attempt #2: "The specified table can not be found." Let ( var1 = " & ValueListItems ( "test" ; "test" ) & " ; Fi
  4. I am trying to setup a calculation that filters out the data in a Text Field from entries in a Value List (i.e. provides keywords from an associated list). The data in the Text Field is NOT position specific and the list of potential keyword values is hundreds of entries long and will be changing over time. So I generated a Value List based on entries for values entered in another table. The "ValueListItems" function works well to provide a return delimited list of the entries in the value list but how do I turn this into a Filter command that requires the filterText to be a list of valu
  5. You will want to check that your users have access privileges to read & write to files in the FileMaker Pro > Extensions > Dictionaries directory otherwise the "Learn" will be grayed out as FileMaker Pro will not be able to write to the User Dictionary.
  6. Can one use this to pass a parameter between database files? Or is it limited to passing data between scripts within the same file?
  7. My version of MS Outlook 2003 SP3 does not have that checkbox under the Tools>Options>Security. Hmmm....
  8. Hi there everyone! I was wondering if anyone else out ther has seen this sort of thing or not. I am using the Send Mail script step with the "no dialog" option. However, when I run this script my computers are prompting with this warning message from MS Outlook: Microsoft Office Outlook A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want to allow this? If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and you should choose "No". Buttons: Yes No Help When you click Yes, the script continues without a problem but I need to automate this and bypas
  9. The MooPlug works really well. I just can't believe that there isn't something from within FileMaker directly to handle it.
  10. I am not certain how to script the file check other than to insert the file into a container field and then do an Insert Calculated Result for the container using a calculation of GetasText (ContainerName). Of course, this still puts me in the problem of the prompt specifying Insert File window when the file doesn't exist.
  11. Actually we have a contract with one of our customers that requires that we save a PDF of our documents that we send. So they just sit out there on our server for the customer's auditing/backup requirements. That is just what they require. Hence the importance of not accidentally overwriting the PDF files. I thought about trying out the "Append" feature of the Save Records as PDF but am concerned that if our customer saw more than one copy of the document in the PDF files, they wouldn't understand the multiple copies.
  12. Hi there! Any ideas out there for this one? I have a script that Saves Records as PDFs using a filename that encorporates several fields from the record. I am trying to create some security in the script so that if a PDF with that particular filename already exists, that it is NOT overwritten. So before the Save Records as PDF script step is intiated, I used the Insert File step with the filename to insert the file in a global container field. Then used the Get(LastError)=0 and used the Else to show a custom dialog message warning that the file exists and then exits the script befo
  13. I imagine that it would have been wise to draw some agreement up front clarifying things, but at that stage, they would have thought that I was crazy thinking that some systems might some day have market potential. :
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