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  1. Thanks! After reading a bit, seems like it is beyond my skills.
  2. When attempting to make a relationship between 2 tables, some fields ( 2 actually) are grey and not selectable. Why is this?
  3. I am looking for a script that: SENDS CURRENT RECORD AS .PDF it grabs the email from a FIELD (email) field Currently I pull down menu FILE/SAVE SEND RECORDS AS/ .PDF Save as Untitled.pdf check "Create email with file as attachment SAVE= "Current record being browsed" then my email application opens ready for the email address then hit SEND Basically I am trying to AUTOMATE the process. Here is my script that does not work Sav
  4. Can anyone tell me why this script will not quit? Close Window [Current Window] Exit Application only a script Exit Application works. Is not Close current window and Exit the proper way to Quit FM files?
  5. I made a work around with NEW WINDOW for start up script. Thanks Is EXIT APPLICATION in scripts the same as QUIT Filemaker with a Mac?
  6. I have a start up script that finds records from a invoice layout. When the invoice layout closes, the original layout (contacts) shows the related found records from invoices. What I need to add is some script that will show the original record (last viewed) before the start up script performed find.
  7. I have a file with a script that works on internal HD , but not on a external USB flash drive. (You can guess where this is going) I spent a hour trying to see the difference in the scripts... IDENTICAL! I finally solved the problem by inserting a PAUSE/RESUME in the script. The reason it did not work on my machine was because I have the file on a USB flash drive, too slow for filemaker scripting. When the file is on internal HD , no need for pause/resume. Keep in mind for future problem solving!!!
  8. I have a file with 4 tables. I can not get a "Find" layout to work. I have some picts at Anyone interested in helping?
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