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  1. So here's a relationship that has worked fine during development, but fails when the file is hosted on FM Server and clients access the file: ID = Order ID AND ActiveDate ≥ First day by licence AND ActiveDate ≤ Last day by licence When I say fails, I mean that starting from a layout of the left hand table, no related records from the right hand table are shown, despite the fact that the relationship graph shows the "crows feet" icon at this point. The ActiveDate field started out as a Global Date calculation = Get (CurrentDate). Having looked at some forum threads, I th
  2. OK. Thanks for your help one and all. Thanks to your suggestions I found the problem. There's a startup script that changes the *Default* menu set for the file...
  3. Hi John, La Retta - Thanks for the quick responses. Really kind of you. I checked for ScriptTriggers on the Layouts already - nowt there. And when switching between layouts, I am not running a script, just a button with the Go to Layout step on it. So I'm still baffled unfortunately!
  4. Dear All - Please Help. I have a file with four Custom Menu Sets. In the Custom Menus dialog, at the bottom, I have [standard Filemaker Menus] specified as the default for the file. On my layouts, I have [File Default] specified as the Menu Set. But Filemaker STILL keeps switching the menus when I move from one layout to another. Is there any way round this bug? I am in FM Pro Advanced 11.0v1. Many many thanks in advance, W.
  5. Oops. I spoke too quickly on this. You said, "Then use a script step or a calculation based on LayoutObject Properties content to populate the container field." How do I do that? The GetLayoutObjectAttribute function returns XML, not an image.
  6. Brill!!! And you can apply this to many fields at the same time, unlike buttons I think.
  7. Thanks for the explanation. Very helpful. But using the scriptparameter doesn't seem to do the trick. I still can't get anything from Get ( ActiveFieldName ). I have hundreds of these buttons to create, and need a method that doesn't require me to hard code the field names!
  8. A field has a button applied to it. The first thing I want the button to do when the user clicks it is to record the name of the field. How can I do this? [color:red]Get ( ActiveFieldName ) or [color:red]Evaluate ( Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ) fail to return any value for me. The field is set to allow entry in browse mode. Many thanks in advance.
  9. Is there a way to allow users to export charts in a standard graphic format that they can re-use elsewhere? I've looked but can't see it. Many thanks in advance, W.
  10. 1. I'm not sure what you mean here. The script, when run by the server, terminates when it finds an error, and sends us an email to say so. This is the nub of my problem. The email says: [color:red]"FileMaker Server on fm10.test reported the following event: 2010-02-02 23:59:21.406 +0000 Error 643 fm10.test Schedule "Daily scripts" aborted; unsupported script step. Contact information not specified." 2. Yes LaRetta, I agree Set Field would be better here. Thank you. But this does work since the Insert Calculation step checkbox "Select entire contents" i
  11. OK. Will try that. Thanks v much. Still seems a bit odd because clearly there will still be an error when the find fails, so I'd expect the script to halt at that point, rather than wait and see what the next step is!
  12. Thanks! Screen shot of script attached. The problem is the Constrain step in the middle.
  13. OK. So the error log reports this: [color:red]2010-02-10 23:59:07.002 +0000 Information 645 fm10.test Schedule "Daily rollover scripts" scripting error (401) at "Content Daily Rollover Constrain Found Set". And error 401 = "No records match the request". This script has the set error capture script step and runs fine from the client, even when the find returns 0 records. Does this help?
  14. Error capture is not compatible with running scripts from the server. (This is documented in the Help pages at http://www.filemaker.com/help/html/scripts_ref1.36.14.html but confusingly the step is not greyed out when you select "Server" for compatibility in the scripting window.) Also, a find that returns 0 records will prompt an error that causes the script to halt when run on the server. Does this mean that I have to verify that any find will return at least one record before running the find? The bizarreness of this query makes me think I am missing something...
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