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  1. Thanks Steven. This is very interesting. I read the paper and admittedly only can follow the broader concepts. FaceBock uses Oauth2 and support SSO for many platforms. I am struggling to determine if the work you presented means that we can use FB for authentication or if I am mixing two entirely different concepts. Can you help clarify this for me?
  2. Hi Michelle. I also run a non-profit ... several actually. If this is still an issue for you please reach out to me ... fmforums (at) deansuhr (dot) us
  3. Ping ... Has anyone implemented Let's encrypt on a Mac running FileMaker Server?
  4. Thanks Webko - I do remember many of you contributions back when ... I'm going to start with this page. I think it, and a few links from there, will teach me what I need to know. http://www.javascript-coder.com/javascript-form/javascript-calculator-script.phtml I like the idea of refreshing divs, too. Will seek that out as well. p.s. Loved visiting Australia a few years ago!
  5. Greetings - I got my start with CWP using FMwebstudio as the front end library to the FileMaker API (Dreamweaver). That library is no longer maintained. One of very cool things about that library was a dynamic field capability, fmsLiveInputField, where the changes you made in a web page were updated into the database in real time. I used it for event registration where the total attending and fees due automatically updated. I'd like to replicate this functionality ... display the total due, a show a few other live calculations. I prefer a PHP solution but realize javascript might be a better approach these days. I'm not a javascript guru so your help pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. And I do not want to use WebDirect due to the public pacing nature of this site and unpredictability in users active. Thanks!
  6. My server side master script calls three scripts, each of which ends with a Find All Records step. If the script specific find does not find any records it jumps to the Find All Records steps and ends. The FMS 12 server side logs faithfully records each of the 3 called scripts as having a 401 error in spite of the non-erroring Find All Records step at the end. I too would love to get rid of these logged errors.
  7. Try this as an outline of an approach. In your case I do not think you wish to delete records - at the end of the script add a show omitted only command (and don't do the manual delete they discuss). Finding Duplicate Records in FileMaker Pro
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