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  1. Hi, Anyone able to advise how did my exported csv file has 9000+ rows when my filemaker database have only 500+ records. Many of the rows only show one field. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the hint. I have managed to find the problem.
  3. Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have a script which will open the 3 databases in the server. The interesting thing is, 2 of these databases can be open without any problem but for the remaining 1, the following message will appear(see attachment). However, this database is definitely uploaded in the server and it can be open when listed there when I choose to open it using 'Open Remote'. The database can actually be seen open partially in the background when the error message pops up. This seems to be a very simple problem but somehow I just can't find the root of the problem.
  4. I have a portal which works perfectly okay when running on a pc but when i tried accessing from the web,the fields in the portal fails to show up.Anyone have an idea what is happening :)
  5. Saw from somewhere that during printing,buttons or certain pictures can be omitted by opting for a particular feature.Can someone advise again? Sorry for trouble.
  6. I have created the forward and backward button for viewing records of more than 25 in IWP.is there any way that I can make the buttons more obvious(flashing or highlighted) when there are more than 25 records to be displayed so that the users will know that there are more to view
  7. Hi petererik, happen to see your post on the above matter which was posted almost 1.5 years back.Care to share more info on how can i go about it?Which script steps should I be using in this case.or do you have any samples to share? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, i understand that when in IWP ,it is impossible to do printing.However is there any script or trick that is able to bypass this to allow printing?Or is that anything that can allow me to call out the print function in the web browser? Thank you for all advices.
  9. Hi, Just like to find out if anyone has a solution to my problem below. i have set my field behaviour as follows, This arrangement works fine in the network setting but when it comes to IWP,it just fails. Anyone has a solution? Thanks a lot
  10. Hi everyone, Just trying to see if there is any available online ordering system sample which I can seek reference to.I have to create a online system whereby all my distributors can place their orders.1 main problem which i have is that all my customers have different pricing for a same item.Is there any way for me to have just 1 file and yet accomodate everything. Any help or info is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance
  11. Hi everyone, I been receiving the following message whenever I open the file eventhough I am the only one using filemaker pro and I have only opened 1 file.Is this the reason why I am unable to post my database on the IWP? Is there any way to prevent this. Thank you in advance
  12. Hi henry, The situation now is that I will like my customers to place their order to me through the web.In this case,what I will like to find out is ,how can I be notify when they have placed an order? Thanks S_Yeung
  13. hi everyone, Just like to find out something.In the event that my customer place an order(add a new record)from the web,is there anyway for me to be notify of this new order? Thanks :)
  14. Hi IdealData, Thanks for the info!
  15. Hi everyone, I have been tasked to publish some of my company's filemaker database online.Can someone give me a idea of how should i go about it and what are the things that i need?I have been using filemaker for a few years but i simply have no idea of how to do a web publishing. thks
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