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  1. Thanks for the update Matt. I find it interesting that they work from the PrinterSwitch plugin as they don't work from the Mac print option to save as a PDF. Isn't that doing the same thing: taking the PDF creation away from FileMaker? I always assumed a PDF was a PDF. Guess not.
  2. I have a number of scripts that build PDFs that are saved to the local computer and then automatically sent via GMail SMTP to our user's Google Apps Gmail accounts. I am able to view the PDF on my desktop without issue. The person I send the PDF to is able to download the PDF and view it on their desktop. The issue arises when they click "View" from within GMail. Gmail displays everything except the text. I can see any boxes that I have drawn into the layout or container fields that contain pictures. All of the text uses normal fonts (Ariel and Helvetica) with the color set to Bl
  3. Thanks so much for the responses! What exactly constitutes a "session?" I ignorantly thought that the "user" count on the Admin Console was a good indication of where I was in relation to that 100 session limit. Are there any techniques that I could use when building IWP solutions that would minimize resource usage on the server side? Next time I do something like that I'm DEFINITELY going with PHP!
  4. We recently tried to administer a survey using IWP. Everything was running fine until we had 45 people logged on at the same time. I was watching the stats on the Admin Console and all of a sudden everything dropped to zero and stopped changing. The 45 people still showed up as being logged on. At the same time IWP stopped responding. Everyone that was in the survey system could not move to other layouts and no one could access the main IWP page. The server showed that all processes associated with FMS were running normally. We eventually restarted the machine. After it came back
  5. A quick follow up question after a little more research. Would it be possible for me to add the LF after the CR from within FileMaker? Thanks again!
  6. Thanks so much for the reply. Sorry about not zipping it. I will make sure to do that in the future. I should have explained my export a little better. The only way I could format the output to look exactly like we need it to look (we have to suck this exported data into a different system that needs very specific input) was to export one calculation field per record. My first line needed to have the date with no quotation marks. The lines that followed however DID need to be coma separated. What I did was create a calculation field that combines the data for lines 2+ to LOOK like a
  7. I am exporting a tab delimited file from my Mac running FMPA 9.03 to a Windows 2003 server. When I open the file on my Mac I see: 100208 "13334","A" "13217","A" This is exactly what I need it to look like. When I open the same file on a PC with Notepad I see: 100208☐"13334","A"☐"13217","A"☐ (NOTE: I have substituted a different character to show the boxes that I see in the export. I think the actual box in the export is the escape character getting poorly translated.) I have tried changing the encoding of the tab-separated text to all of the options in the e
  8. Thanks for your quick response! I am always impressed with how friendly and responsive FileMaker users are. I am not running the script from within a FileMaker database. I have scheduled the script to run from the Admin Console Schedules. I assume that is what you are referring to with the Send Event script step. Did I understand you correctly? I thought it would include the info from my profile in the first post (I don't think it did.) I am running FMS on Windows 2003.
  9. I have a batch script with the command: copy /Y "C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDataBackups*.fp7" Q:Backups If I run the batch script while logged in as Admin by double clicking it all of my FileMaker databases in Backup on the local drive are copied to Backup on the mapped drive Q. I have a schedule programmed in FileMaker server to run this batch script at a set time. The admin console claims that the script is run without errors. When I check the backup folder it did none of the backups it was supposed to do. Why will the script run when I double click it but
  10. I have a 6 page report that uses sliding to shrink the last three pages from the layout onto two. The information on page 5 and 6 varies in length from record to record. I need to find a way to insert a page break after the information that will be printed on page 5 so that no matter how little there is FM will use a new page to print page 6. I tried putting page six into a Trailing Grand Summary with FM putting a page break before each one. The problem is that only the last record has the sixth page printed. The kicker is that last night I had it working (I think:). This mornin
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