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  1. I just wonder if going to a totally new updated database is going to cause a loss of information. I don't think the boss will take to this idea... ugh...
  2. This database was designed in FM 5...I think that might be part of the problem. It's old, outdated, and probably full of problems. It would be extremely hard for me to update the whole thing because I'm really a novice when it comes to Filemaker. I am learning a lot, but I know there's tons more to learn. We have a database for our Part Numbers. In it, are the Reference Numbers, Material Part Numbers for each finished part, Description of the part, history of sales on the part, etc. In order to edit this info from the Order screen, you have to click on "View Part Info" and it takes you t
  3. So you think that the data not updating right away is an issue with the database and not the software? I'm using FM9 for the "server" side and FM8 for the clients...I don't know if it's a problem due to not having the actual Server program or if it is something else... -Matt
  4. That's the problem...I actually can't get a hold of the guy... -Matt
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to be posting this, but I'm having a problem with data getting back to the server quickly. When in a database updating a part number, if you click on Back to Order, the information doesn't change unless you leave the order and go back. We need it to update automatically. Also, when putting in a Reference Part Number, it wouldn't let you put in a part unless the word REV was in it. There's a formula in place to make that happen, but it seems to have stopped working. I didn't actually design all of this, so I am kind of lost. Any help would be g
  6. Lee - Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into those. -Matt
  7. Ahh, duh! Thank you. I am going to take a step back here, do you think reading a book like the Missing Manual and the "Multiple Tables and Relationships" chapter would help? I seem to be ignorant to most of the terms here, and I don't think it would hurt... -Matt
  8. Wow, I have no idea what you just said! What is a Gtrr? I'm still learning this stuff! :
  9. To use your analogy, i'm looking for the vodka and tomato juice seperately... I need to know how much of any given material per finished part we have.
  10. Soren - Actually, the inventory levels are the important part! I need a button that goes to the specific inventory record for the part I am clicking on. Essentially I'd like to make the part number itself a button that goes to that record so I can see what we have in stock when writing up a job. Is that a little more clear? I hope I'm wording this correctly... -Matt
  11. Well, sometimes the individual pieces are sold as parts in some cases....
  12. Thanks Soren! Here's what I have. Each part that makes up the finished product is usually used in another product. For example, .125" thk x .250" wide neoprene sponge w/psa is used in a ton of finished parts. So each piece that's used to make a finished part is used many times. Is this what you are looking for? -Matt
  13. Wow...I'm starting to think I am in over my head here...I'm actually kinda lost. I have the "Missing Manual" book, and now I think it's time to crack it open and read it til my eyes bleed. I think I bit off more than I can chew here. I thought this was going to be simple... I'm going to have to read up on it. The guy that originally started this database for my company is long gone, and I never used Filemaker before working here, but now I am the one who makes the changes and is trying to implement new databases (Inventory for example). Thanks for your help. I will see what I can fi
  14. The ESCO FINISHED PART NUMBER is the finished part, then in the grid in the middle is ESCO P/N which is each piece that makes the finished part. I am trying to get to the inventory page for each part, not the finished part. Hope that made sense... -Matt
  15. Here's a screenshot of the relationship for this file...I can't really post the files due to client names and info...sorry. Thanks! -Matt
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