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  1. Lee, I found the problem. At one point in development, I encountered difficulty exporting containers. As a possible solution, I built a table specifically" for media only" specifically for the purpose of isolating my problem. I figured out the source of the original problem. The layout that was giving me grief was still connected to that "media only" table that did not get changed back after this fix. I guess "fmforums" need to add a new major heading just for me: "Rookie Mistakes" Your astuteness pointed me in the direction leading to the discovery of my error. T
  2. Are you referring to the container files or the .fp7 files? I have worked to reduce the file sizes of several stored in the containers.
  3. One more thing Lee. On reflection, in 8.5 I was using "save as reference file." After the move, this option was not selected and I had to redo it. Wonder if this explains anything?
  4. What you describe is exactly what I did. Installed new version and simply opened my prior work. There were no prompts to do anything. Any idea what it means when a field goes gray?
  5. Well, Just made the jump from 8.5 to 9. Added new record that includes containers fields for media. The containers on one layout accept the media but it does not show up on other layouts. I went to the database to see what was happening at that level; the container fields are "grayed out" as seen in the relationship area (see attached picture). I don't know whether this is the source of my problem but it is a brand new FileMaker experience for me - since the upgrade. Any insight into what the heck is going on will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Mr. Vodka. I can't see the [Restore] but the script works. Thank you. Cheers
  7. I am attempting to reproduce the perform find script found in FileMaker Help that will capture errors and display a custom dialogue (see attached). Can anyone tell me how to insert [Restore] after the Perform Find step? Thanks.
  8. I am working on scripts for exporting and importing data for the purpose of upgrading to a new version of a solution. Scripts developed thus far work perfectly for everything but media (mostly photographs) in container fields stored as reference files; the media folder is dedicated exclusively to the application. So the question is, how does one go about importing media from one FMP file to another? As always, thanks in advance for wisdom and assistance.
  9. I am entering text only on a set of layouts providing "help" information. Some of the text areas automatically return to the next line as I type. Other areas push the right hand margin further to the right if I don't do a manual carriage return. I can't find the setting that makes the return to next line automatic. Thanks in advance for any shared knowledge.
  10. Sorry for your frustration. I can assure you I have followed the instructions to the letter, including checking the "do not store....," box in "storage options" dialogue. The results are exactly as I described. The instructions work in other solutions (see attached), just not the one I was requesting help with. People_Management.zip
  11. After being able to create a working LayoutNames field in the template, I went to a saved backup of my solution from several days ago and successfully created the calculation there. I think I might have something corrupted in this file. Does this sound plausible? If so, is there any way to check to check for and fix a corrupted file? In any case, "Grazie" to you all for helping me figure this out. I have learned a lot in the process. :
  12. La ringrazio amici italiani! (I cheated with this translation (Google translator). I have been to your beautiful country three times. Now to business at hand. As requested, I prepared to send you the calc using a FMP template. The calc works fine in the template but not my solution. I tried to add the table to my calc (which should be "from users,.. ) but could not figure out how to do it. The only difference that I can see between the template and my solution is shown in the two screen shots. Grazie per il vostro aiuto
  13. I am trying to make the LayoutNames function work without success. I calculated the following (see attached screen shots) from Define Database. It creates an empty field; indexing brings up the index list box containing nothing; the database contains nearly 100 layouts. Thanks in advance for wisdom and assistance.
  14. Your English is very good. I made the following (see attach) changes but results are the same.
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