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  1. I am trying to display all the records from a TO in a portal. but what I am getting is seperate portals for each record.....any ideas
  2. OK, I am sorry for the confusion. I will type out my project into a doc and then post here. can i email you a username and password ?
  3. Now jobsheets should be called "vehicles" I know how to put fields on my jobcards that contain lookup data form the vehicles TO Yes, each registration could have 100's of jobcards I have knd of got it working now, the problem that I am now having is that On the find page, I would like to dislay all of the jobcards descending in jobcard ID order. newest jobcard at the top.
  4. ok, I have now got to a point where it works. I have enclosed it for you to have a look at. I have now got a new problem, On the find page I have got a portal showing all jobcards. Well I would like all the job cards in one portal. but what is happening is each job card is having a seperate find page ? garagepro.zip
  5. ok, i have doen what you said. created gRegistration. re-imported scripts I haven't changed anything else Now, I can create a new record, if no reg is entered when I click find, it does the first part of the script. It does the Registration not found create new one. After this it goes a bit pear shaped. If a Registration is in the system, what I would like to happen is fill the reg into The regisration number in so that I can continue and make a new jobsheet. If one isnt in the system then I would like the script to take me to the vehicle entry layout so tha
  6. thank you for your help. What you have done is what I am looking for. I have tried importing what you have done and recreating it within what I have done so far. but.....it doesnt work. please could you have a look at what I have done and point me in the right direction. garagepro__2_.zip
  7. Thank you... I am working very hard to learn FM I used to design websites and use MYSQL dbs but I have changed to FM developing. well trying to learn to develop. The TO is just called "jobsheets" The field is called " registration" not too far from what you have already typed. Thanks again... Do you fancy doing some intercontinental tuition ?
  8. OK record not file sorry.... I have tried doing what you have put but due to my inexperience with FM i am having trouble entering what you have typed. can i type it in a text editor then import the script ?
  9. I have a table that I enter data into and one of the fields is a registration number. What I would like to happen is, if a registration doesnt exist it then opens up a window with the registration entry on. Is this possible ?
  10. I have tried copying the jobsheets table. Then I renamed it as Bodyshop Main. I created a link bet the two job IDs and then put a portal onto the layout to show the records from jobsheets. Its still didnt work. Its ok I have been an idiot.. I didnt have the data in one of the tables so the portal wouldnt display the record because technically it didnt exist.. Thatnks for your help though
  11. C.I.D.E.R

    newbee help

    I am very new to FM9. I would like to display on a main page all the records from a table called jobsheets. I thik I need to use a portal but on trying it as not worked. I just get a blank table. Can anyone help me out please or point me in the right direction.
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