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  1. I can't even say I am intermediate until I get knocked down again but I'll keep trying. I developed my in-house application suite back in FMP 6, but with all the great new bells and whistles, my skill level certainly has not kept up with the forward thinking developments in FMP. For instance, I have a database that uses a calendar calculation field now, I recall it replaced a script that was 20 or more lines and used 3 fields. LOL
  2. Trying to be tongue and cheek about your answer. And yes, I have had loop escape my mind at times. Since I only do this 27.834% of the time, I can drop off knowledge if the box get's put away for a couple of weeks. Thanks for your help, now only if I can solve my Server Certificate Expiration issue...
  3. Thanks for the great advice LaRetta. Substitute was my answer... duh. [color:green]Now if I could only remember what to use if a field contains a certain digit, how can I get the result field to be something based on it (LOL). Raybaudi... did it ever occur to you that I accidentally checked advanced since I use advanced as the application? I develop in-house and I am in no way advanced. I love sarcasm as much as the next guy but I think that was just plain old mean. Maybe it's your English. I have changed my profile to Intermediate until I stop posting on this forum with questions and no
  4. This has had 35 views and nobody seems to know if it's possible... I guess I have an unsolvable (via FMP) problem). Thank you to everyone who contributes on this forum, you save me often! I am working on my site and I can't upgrade the SSL due to cash issues (another story). Obviously, I need to access the site, but when I go there via the Web Viewer I get the [color:red]expired server certificate error. Does anyone know a setting so I can get around this? I can bypass it in my browsers, why not FMP? - Mac, Firefox/Safari, FMP 8.5.
  5. I have hundreds of [color:red]this is an item descriptions that need to port to the web with an alternative character for the space. So I need them to read [color:red]this_is_the_item or [color:red]this-is-the-item etc. I know there is a simple way to do this and for some reason I am just not getting it.
  6. I would be interested in what you mean by: Do you see a way other than NIC cloning or FMP password cracking they can manipulate a runtime application? Here is my thought. I will distribute the application to run for 7 days. After that, I will disable it and require them to register with an internal FMP link. This registration will email me their NIC address (with permission). In return I will send them a serial number that will calculate from the NIC address. It's not beautiful, but it will prevent most of the theft. I am open to "better more streamlined" ideas. Thanks f
  7. I have a small application that is getting a lot of interest within the special interest group I created for. I am looking to distribute it but want to insure this won't get passed on. I need to create a serial number or unlock key. I know how to to crete on from a table but does anyone know any tricks on how to make one unlock key work for one computer but not for another? Any tips or tricks or suggestion? I would even consider third party solutions.
  8. I am over thinking this and it has me so frustrated... I have a database that needs to be kept in "order" with each record needing to be sorted. The user may not always enter the data in order and so I am tracking each record with a serial number. When the user need to "insert" a line above or below they use one of two scripts. The scripts works fine but they are long and I know there is an easier way and it's just not hitting my brain. Any suggestions on how to better manage this would be great. I would love to streamline the process and eliminate mistakes.
  9. Duh... OK, I am so happy it wasn't a snake.
  10. I have a container field I would like to record sound via the microphone. Filemaker requires a double click in the container field to activate the record mechanism built in but I need it to be a single click button. Any suggestions that will work cross platform (ie, no external scripting) for a runtime kiosk application?
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