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  1. Hi Michael I’m sure experts will have other or better ideas but maybe this might help: Create the field you want lets call it “Grand_Total_Am_Invested” In field type select Summary and in the options section the bullet should be in Total of Then highlight “Total _Amt-Invested” Go to layout mode and make sure you have a layout part called “Trailing Grand Summary” (if not create that area by clicking on the top menu Layout, Part Setup, Create, Trailing Grand Summary, Done) Move the field “Grand_Total_Am_Invested” into this area of the layout. When you enter some val
  2. To remove spaces in old records- First make a back up (File save copy as as….) Using SciptMaker how about something like: Go to Record/Request/Page[First] Loop Set Field[ Specify your telephone field] tick the box Calculated result and Specify the calculation Filter ( your telephone field ;"0987654321" ) Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] there is a check box to do the exit after last bit End Loop Or try: Go to Record/Request/Page[First] Loop Set Field[ Specify your telephone field] Perform Find/ Replace [" ";"";Replace All] Go to Record/
  3. In order to speed up data entry I am trying to create calculation that formats any four valid numbers, (with or without a colon), to the format required by FileMaker for a time field i.e. hh:mm In other words- 1. if the person enters the time correctly as hh:mm the calculation does nothing. 2. if the person enters hhmm the colon is inserted 3. if an incorrect 24hour time is entered eg 26:35 or 2a:25 the calculation returns for example a question mark. At present I have three fields that I use related to the duration of a procedure: StartTime, FinishTime and Duraton. For all t
  4. Subject: Cancel Print Setup Here are two “script” ideas that word for me if I want the option to cancel or proceed with a print script: Allow User Abort [ Off ] Go to Layout [ “H invoice” (Items) ] Enter Preview Mode Show/Hide Status Area [ Show ] Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Printing"; Message: "Do you wish to print this?"; Buttons: “OK”, “Cancel” ] If [ Get(LastMessageChoice)=1 ] Print [ Records being browsed; All Pages; Orientation: Portrait; Paper size: 8.26" x 11.69" ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Go to Layout [ “Main” (ABP) ] Enter Browse Mode Else
  5. For what its worth, looking at recent posts http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/198161/post/new/#NEW I now see there is another way to copy and paste scripts if one has windows and FileMaker Pro advanced- that is by using the Database Design Report feature. One small inconvenience that happened to me- after installing Cute PDF and using it, it then became the “default”. When I tried to print a “normal” invoice from my FileMaker data base I only then had the option of saving the copy to my documents as a PDF (i.e. the same option as I used to save the script to the hard dri
  6. Thanks for your help, - much appreciated. Unfortunately none of these solutions (including LaRetta’s advice) work, so that’s why I thought I’d ask the question again. I apologise as I did not know that questions should not be repeated. It might have something to do with a windows operating system. I am never offered the choice of printing to PDF, nor to “print preview”. I have spent some time in trying to find ways of bringing up these options on the screen.
  7. Hi I would like to copy and paste (eg to a word document) several lines of script steps. For instance if I’d like to ask a question on this forum that requires showing all the steps in a script. Using FMP8.5 and Windows XP. But I can only copy the scrips steps onto my clipboard and then paste them into another script (ScriptMaker). I cannot paste the script steps outside of the file maker programme. I also can not print them. Any suggestions please?
  8. Thank you both for your time and the appropriate advice. Much appreciated!
  9. Hi How do I get filemaker to check if an invoice has been previously printed? I’d like to add a custom message to my printing script. The message would read something like “This invoice has been printed previously, do you wish to print it again” I’m not sure if this question should be here or in the “calculation forum” Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi I have a field, that returns a calculated value for a person’s age, using the calculation: (Date of procedure - Date of birth) / 365 I would like the number in the age field to turn (for example) red if the persons age is over 70 yrs old, or under 1 year old. I have tried adding: Case (persons age>70; TextColor (persons age ; RGB (255 ; 0 ; 0 ) ); Evaluate ( persons age ) ) But my attempts fail, mostly FileMaker says there is a “operator missing” Could someone please help with the next step to follow my existing calculation? Thanks
  11. Before I posed the question I did try with my own calculations which were unsuccessful. I tried with “If” and then with “case” but I never though of the last bit of your calculation “Evaluate” Could you explain please what the “Evaluate” bit does? thanks
  12. Much appreciated, Thank you I have downloaded the plug in and will give it a go. Thanks also for your comments (conditional formatting in FM9) re the colour change of the field contents if the incorrect amount of data is entered.
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