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  1. I actually do have 12 Advanced. THANK YOU! Will check it out and report back...
  2. Lee- I did. I'm going to have to delve in to this. It seems that Part2 offers much more complexity than I need, yet I see no where in there an attempt to extrapolate distances based on results from the Google Maps XML/JSON. I surprised no one before me has ever needed this feature.
  3. Thanks Lee! I appreciate that link. I had found that. The issue with that example is that it pops up a browser window with a map of the various waypoints in it. It doesn't though extract any information about the trip. It appears I could get a JSON parse of the google map information based on what I'm reading from the API info, but I don't know how to have filemaker parse the output such that it will display the information in the table. Any thoughts?
  4. Good morning all. I have an interesting problem I was hoping to get some direction on. I have a fixed list of addresses. I was hoping using something such as Google Maps, I could find a way for Filemaker to parse/extrapolate the driving distance between Address1 and Addresses 2,3,4,5. Addresses 2,3,4,5 will not change, but Address 1 will depending on the record that I am accessing. I just want a simple table to display the distances between branches that I frequent and Address1, so I can see which is closest to them quickly. For example, Joe lives at address1. When I access joe's re
  5. Hello all! I'm trying to figure out how to make the following conditional formatting problem work: I want it such that there is a red or green circle filled in (or perhaps displays a graphic of a red vs green button) depending on if all the data for a row is filled in (if all is filled in, then green, meaning complete), where as if there is information missing, then the button is red (meaning there is information for that specific record which is incomplete). I seem to be at a loss however on how best to accomplish this. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks
  6. Hello! I hope I'm posting this is the correct subforum. I have a layout (based on the table patient) in which I am wanting the user to be able to enter a new patient information. I have another table called referrer (which is linked to patient via a pK fK relationship). I have a field tool box set up to auto-complete and use the referrer::lName box as the auto-complete field. This appears to work great, and seems to auto-complete and fill in the name. The issue is that when the user saves the record, it creates a new record for the referrer (instead of just using the existing recor
  7. Ok, so admittedly I'm not sure what to even search for, but have been looking for a while at the forums without any luck (likely because I don't know the correct keywords to search for). I have a table which stores ID, last_name I have a field which I would like to display the current stored ID name. This works just fine. What I would like however, is the following added functionality: Should the user click on the box, they could start typing the last_name of the individual, and it would suggest names based on the first few letters the user is typing in based on names that alr
  8. @bcooney: Thank you! That fixed it! Another little 'pearl' to add to my ever growing collection!
  9. So as I created the re-created it I think I found something. When it updates the field, it does so, and all of the text-alterable boxes get an outline around them.. I click anywhere on the layout and it populates. So I don't have to go to the next record and then back... but I *do* have to click on the record to get the showDate to show up. Any idea on that one? I checked the script debugger, and the boxes are definitely showing up with the outline during/after the: "Insert Current Date [rx::dateSent]" script step. I even tried the 'enter browse mode' at end of script...
  10. Ok - will create a small file and attach it to next msg.
  11. @comment: Check out this link: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/b716b85dd1 It appears that it's a problem with FM Pro 11 Adv on the mac (which happens to be my setup). Ugh.
  12. I added a script step that when a button is pressed to submit the order, the dateSent field is updated with the correct date. This works great! Only problem is that it doesn't update the layout that I'm looking at. I have to move forward a record (or go to another layout) and them come back to see it. Is there a way to 'refresh' a layout or specifically, a field? I tried 'go to layout' - but since I'm already in the layout, it doesn't refresh it.
  13. Thanks @comment! That 500 point font text trick is slick! Thank you!
  14. @comment: Thank you once again. Yes, I don't want 'has never been sent' to be stored. I want to have that displayed as a condition if dateSent is empty. Thus far I'm not finding the correct syntax on this. Do you know of a good resource on conditional formatting syntax? Thanks!
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