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  1. Thanks and sorry guess i need to adjust my profile. Im using 18 pro advanced. Do have custom functions
  2. I have a list such as: (B) KARR SECURITY [PS] $100 (B) PPM Gross [$1270 * 5%] = $63.5 (B) Warranty $50 Looking for suggestion and help to grab the last word in each line and calculate the total of the list. IE: $100 + $63.5 + $50 return result $213.50 Thanks
  3. True and thanks. I started this approach of export from a sub summary report from the sales detail table because I could not figure out a way to get the results that the sub summary report produced (Running MTD sales by date of any sales on file for a salesperson) and then use the results in relation to another table by ID of sales person. So that was my approach to it.
  4. That shows 1 record for each salesperson who hit the goal and the earliest date they hit it (in that example 2). Thanks comment. The sales table for this purpose was created via a sub summary report on a detail sales table that groups cumulative MTD sales units by Salesperson and Date for a period of start and end dates. Then that sub summary report is used to populate the table for this example via export and then imported to the sales table
  5. Yes that is correct. Sales table would have only 1 record per salesperson per date of the month that they had a recorded sale and that shows cumulative month to date units for that date of the month. No sure which original example piece you're saying shows otherwise?
  6. Comment, thanks for the input and outlined examples. I will avoid abstract names in the future. ( a ) I will try this with a calculation field. Thanks. ( b ) I had done some thought about using a calculated ExecuteSQL() function today as well. I am already using this method in other areas of my solution. Thanks (c ) Here is my weakness and lack of understanding of Go To Related Record. I need to get comfortable in its ability and usage. I should have pointed out that the Sales Table example were Running Totals MTD by Day. Sorry. So "not (as might be expected) for
  7. Comment. Thanks for your replies and help... It will be used for display purposes within an existing portal as an additional field to that table used in the portal. If TABLE A is used for the portal and contains one record per ID i want to find ID in TABLE B with UNITS >= to a variable goal number and the earliest DATE record it was achieved. (ie: TABLE A ID 301 finding a single result in TABLE B of ID 301 with DATE 10/13/2018 using a goal of >=5 I understand how to do a scripted find on TABLE B for ID=301 and UNITS >= goal of 5, but that then returns results for al
  8. Sorry I should have given a bigger picture. Yes there is more than 1 table. Lets call it Salespeople. Based on a relationship of Salespeople::ID, i want to determine the earliest date that a salesperson hit a given goal and grab that date and unit amount only. Thanks
  9. I have a table named Sales with the following data: ---------- ID DATE UNITS ----------- Based on Sample data below, i am trying to query the table by creating a relationship to find the ID that achieved a specified Unit amount on the earliest date. In other words, and for example, which ID achieved a specified Unit amount first (earliest date) Specified Unit Amt of 5 = 1 Expected records returned result 301 10/13/2018 6.5 Specified Unit Amt of 2 = 2 Expected records returned result 7
  10. Thank you Ryan for the reply and appreciate the focus on rolling the fix out! Alan As in my case there are 3 processes to kill. I am wondering if this may cause a problem in trying to kill the filemaker process itself this way before FM Closes. Seems like this may cause file corruption.
  11. Have had this issue using ScriptMaster and Email plugins for many many months on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 10. Have to use a system scheduler program to look for Filemaker, java, and fmxdbc_listiner.exe process still left running and end the processes left running after quitting FM 17. A real end user pain! Sad that 360works is taking SOOOOO long to fix this!!!
  12. Ryan, Thank you for the reply. I have tried to set that up as you directed. Script does send email and move message to "Sent Items" folder, but does not successfully mark it as read. Here is what I have. Does this look correct? Thanks! Set Field [ PluginExample::_result; EmailCreate( PluginExample::From ; $CurrentEmailAddress ; PluginExample::Subject) and EmailSetBody( PluginExample::Body ) and EmailAttachFile( $OutputFileName ) ] Set Field [ PluginExample::_result; EmailSend ( "progress=" & PluginExample::Progress Bar ; "progress
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