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  1. Thank you Agnes! I combined the two pdf files into one. Wish FIlemaker can allow to attached more than one attachments. We do need to attach forms sometimes. In such case, they can't be combined. We could put on a web page and send out a link though.
  2. Hi There, I'm trying to send an email with two attachments from FM12 on Windows Xp. Only the first attachment is sent. Is there a way to send both attachments from one email? Appreciate your help! Salin
  3. I have 500 IDs in an Excel spreadsheet and need to find them from FM database. What is the best way to read each ID from the Excel file? Do you have a sample script for a loop and compare values? Thanks.
  4. For your information....the FM admin console works after removing the latest update of Java (version 6 update 25) on two of my systems. The two systems are now running Java 6 update 4 and 7. Best, Sal
  5. I have the exact same problem....can't launch FM 10 admin console after updated Java on my system and on the FM server (all Windows XP). I tried on other systems, but all them have eith the same error or requiring to install Java. I'm stuck! Any fix on the systems with updated Java? Thank you much for any help! -Sal
  6. Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions. Wim summed it up well, that I shouldn't focus on FM. The problem with FM admin console was another reason that led my focus on FM. I think we fixed the problem. The culprit was that the clock was not sync between the server and the clients. It is a virtual server. After updated VMware the FM server and the clients are happily connected for the last 15 hours. Just so you know the server is a dedicated FM server. Progeny is a small database/pedigree drawing tool which we use infrequently. Yap, it redirected my attention to the wro
  7. Thanks Vanghan and Steven for your information. It is a FM 10 server and about 20 FM10 clients. All are getting connection interruptions every 5 to 30 minutes since yesterday. I closed all databases before reboot. After the first reboot in July, the GUI admin console could not be started. I then use command line to close all database files for all the subsequent reboots. I don't know if the server was set to allow software updates automatically. I don't think Java was updated before the reboot in July. I remember I updated Java manually two weeks ago. Someone suggested that there m
  8. I have a FM server running since March this year. Everything was fine until the server was rebooted couple of weeks ago. The Admin console didn't work since the reboot. Now the clients get disconnected from the server every some minutes. We have another database (Progeny) running on the system and has been working fine. So it seems the problem is with FM only. I reinstalled FM server. The problem persists. The admin console works at this point. Here are some of the related messages: Cline "name (IP)" no longer responding; connection close (51) Client "name" authentication
  9. To be more specific, I saw this message flashing on the bottom of the FileMaker Server Admin Console: Waiting for file:///C:/Program%20Files/FileMaker/FileMaker%20Server/Admin/admin-server/launch-page/... There is also this message displaying on the bottom or the console window: Unknown Zone (Mixed) Hope this would shed some light on the cause of the problem. Thanks Sal
  10. Hi There, I set up a FM server 10 recently and has been working for the last couple of months. After rebooting the server this morning, all database files are running okay but the server admin is not starting. I don't recall I needed to do anything to start server admin in the first place. But when I start it this time, it keeps "connecting...." but never complete. I looked at each tab from admin start and tried changing some configurations, that didn't make it work. I don't seem to find a log somewhere to tell what could be wrong. What could be the problem? What can I do to get it ru
  11. OK, I found a solution...create new layouts using the standard form, highlight a trunk of fields and move them over to each layout. I can now see all the fields. Cheers, -Sal
  12. Thanks LaRetta. You're right that there is an opening layout #1 which include all 1500 fields. However, this layout puts all field names first and follow by all fields. For example the first field name and the first field are separated by 1499 field names. I tried to use Form view only or list view only or Table view, that didn't change the layout. There is also another opening layout #2 with 442 fields, which is nicely layout out each field name and its filed on each row. That makes it so easy to copy and paste a block of fields. Maybe FM could only show the first 442 rows, so I moved a
  13. Hi There, I have created a database from a data file with 1500 header names. Now I want to display all them in layouts so that I can see the field names and reorganize them. Is there a way to grab a group of fields and put them in a layout instead of dragging one at a time? Thank you for any help! -Sal
  14. Thank you bcooney and lee. I downloaded cutePDF and works! It's making my life a little easier -)
  15. Thanks for the help. How do you print a script to pdf? I tried the print from scriptmaker, but there is no option to choose a file type. I named the file as filename.pdf, but Adobe reader can't read it.
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