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  1. Think i found it guys... Ignore the post. .Thanks
  2. Hi folks, I had designed a working copy FMaker solution some time ago which was hosted on a trial FFMaker 9 Server. We didn't go ahead with the project and the trial server was deleted. I am now relooking at the solution again in Filemaker as i kept the FMaker Solution database fp7 file but when i try and open it now, it is asking for ODBC connections etc. which i can cancel and gain access to the solution but none of the data is there etc. I have another .bak file. I think this may be from the server. How do i recover this and can i open it locally with the data. Not
  3. Hi Comment, Thanks for your assistance with this and your attachment. Is this what you are doing in the enclosed file. 1. Enter Timestamp Date 2. Calc converts timestamp date to date 3. Function adds interval time to date and then converts it back to timestamp Thanks, Sully
  4. This is as far as i got comment. Not sure how to proceed now. Could you take a look or is it even possible? test.zip
  5. It kind of works but it sees the interval (weeks) field as seconds. So if i have a timestamp entry for the delivery_req date field of 17/07/2008 12:37:54, it calculates the Order Date as 17/07/2008 12:37:39 (Subtracting seconds instead of dates from it)
  6. Thanks Comment. I will check. The only reason i need it as timestamps is that i'm connecting to an SQL database so the fields have to be timestamp fields instead of dates unfortunately
  7. Can i have the Holiday field as a timestamp too and this would solve same?
  8. Hi Comment. I have come across an issue with the function. I cannont get the function to work with my fields. I am using timestamp format instead of date field format. Is this the reason perhaps? Sully
  9. Thanks again Comment. Much appreciated. Sully
  10. Hi Comment, Thanks so much. That is absolutely brilliant and what i was trying to achieve. I changed the delivery_weeks * 7 to delivery_weeks * 5 in the Z_CalcOrderDate Calucation to calculate 5 working days back per week. Hope i am right here. It seems to work fine with the 5 option. Thanks again. Sully
  11. Thanks Lee. The examples work great and i am following them the best i can. What is the best way to change the Transit Days in DateShipByHolidays Layout to Transit Weeks as i need the transit field to calculate by weeks excluding weekends?
  12. Thanks Comment. I see what you mean now but i still can't get it to work. I need to have a delivery Weeks field that substracts a delivery required date to give me an order date. i.e. a shipment is needed on site at a certain date. I now need to subtract a known expected delivery time (weeks) for this shipment to give me an expected date which i should order the shipment. Is this possible. I have attached the test file i'm trying to get it working. Any help would be appreciated. S Networkdate.zip
  13. Trying to following the following function http://www.briandunning.com/cf/795 How do i set $$holidaylist at Startup and reference a table with future holiday listings please
  14. Hi Comment, I'm new to calling functions My calc is (Issued)-(Weeks * 432000) Is this how i would call the function? NextWorkDate (Issued)-(Weeks * 432000) Thanks, S
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