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  1. Here is the file again, english version english version file
  2. Hello Lee, let me change the whole file to English so it will be easier.
  3. Here is the file The layout i'm having the problem is: Si Domain & Si Hosting
  4. Hi, i can't figure it out how to this: Part 1= Working ok Check Box Set has 6 options (.com, .net, .com.mx, net.mx) If i check .com in the domain kind: shows the provider, which is calculated by "case" formula. This part it's working good. Under this field (Provider) i have a field named "Domain Cost", if i select for example in the Check box ".com" the provider name = "GoDaddy", so depends on the privider has a cost. The cost's are in another table, the relations it's by the field "Exchange Rate" in both tables. So i'm using this formula to get the price depending on the typeof
  5. Thank you so mucho for ur help, now it works perfect!!! Receive my best Regards Gian
  6. Hi, how can i show Today's Date when i open my FM file without entering a new record, something like current date and time from the computer. Because i used Get ( CurrentDate )but if i changed the computer time two days after (feb 2nd), when i opened the file doesn0t change the date. Thanks Gian
  7. LEE...... YOU ARE THE MEN!!! Thank you so much for your help buddy. It works at 100% now. Best Regards Gian
  8. THANKS Lee & Tony to help me out with this matter, but do you remember my first post where i was finding the way to take from (for example) FIELD "LICENCE PLATE" the 1st and the last digit (451TJD)= 4D How hard do you think this will be, because i tryed the option that you sent to be to use Left (Name; 2) & Middle (Last Name; 3; 2) & Right (date of birth; 2)?:)? well in this case will be LicencePlate(1st and 4th digit)& SERIALNUMBER (4th+8th+last digits) BEST PERSONAL REGARDS Gian P.S. The original file it belongs to the government, i signed a non di
  9. Ok, just let me fix some layout, because now it's a mess. Give me 10 minutes from now. Thanks
  10. Hello Lee, well..... when i type the action as you said, it just doesn't alow me to enter that way. using ";" i use everything and a can't make it work.
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