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  1. Yeah that is what I am saying. Right now the only way I have to make sure there are not duplicates is to generate records and then manually check for dupes. How do you generate a ton of records at once? There must be a way to do this.
  2. How would I get the random prefix generator to combine with the random 4 digit generator, and then to compare the numbers with all other random generated phone numbers so there is not a repeat? It would check the random number it just generated and then compare it to all other records and make sure it is not a duplicate, and if it is create a new random number until it gets one that is unique. I am using the random number generator to do a telephone survey/poll, so I do not want to call people twice. Also what if I wanted to create a no call list and have it compare the ra
  3. Thanks guys. Well now I need to figure out how to get it to randomly select prefixes in this area. There are 20 of them, so I figure I can set it to create a random numbe rbetween 1 - 20 and then assign each numebr to a prefix.
  4. well technically I meant 0000-9999, but the random script I have seen would generate numbers below 1000 with just 3,2, or 1 digits, when a phone number's last portion needs to be 4 digits long.
  5. I have been reading about the random function in filemaker and am trying to determine how to use it to generate random phone numbers. The phone numbers will all be in the same area code, but in different prefixes. There are 21 different prefixes for the area. So I need a way to randomly choose one of the 21 prefixes, and then generate a random 4 digit number as the end of it. It seems the random function returns a random number between 0 and 1. I then found this step by step process: http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/creating-random-numbers-in-filemaker-pro/ The only problem
  6. I have a 432 mb database running on my laptop, have server advanced 9 running on it. I have uploaded it and I try and open it on the database status page. It sits there and verifies and verifies and then goes back to closed. I believe it may be my laptop does not have the horsepower to handle that big a file. I am on a 1.8 ghz sempron with 1.256 gigs of ram. Other databases I have are able to be opened and this is the only one I am having difficulty with. I am running XP SP2 btw.
  7. I have FM Pro 8.0 and I am trying to increase the number of users that can use IWP. If I have more than one License can I have more people logged in or do I need Server Advanced? Thanks.
  8. so I need to basically convert it to text and then create a new date field?
  9. also right now it is a date field, but I imported it from an access database where it was either a number or text.
  10. can you explain what each of those middle etc... is doing?
  11. The data I am working with is formatted as yyyymmmdd I assume I need to use the currentdate function, however when I ask for current date it gives some number that is not formatted same way. I would like this to work so I don't have to change it again. Thanks
  12. Im a newbie and I didn't understand earlier why you think I should do that, so I am going to ask why?
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