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  1. I'm using FM Pro 14 Advanced with a stand-alone desktop database Trying to get a count of "|" characters in field VARIATION RELATIONSHIP DETAILS so using PatternCount ( "|" ; VARIATION RELATIONSHIP DETAILS ) where the field for a given record is: "Length=1 ft | Color=Black" The function is returning "0" when to my understanding it should return "1" Calculation result is set to Number I have tried it with other strings and fields and am always getting "0" Anyone know why? Does this function only work with multiple characters ( a pattern)? Is there a better way t
  2. When you say we can use a global field , I have tried this in the past and not been successful. I will try again if you think it should work. Yes this just runs on my desktop, it is not hosted. Hey, that works! Huzzah! Funny that it has not worked for me in the past, I can't think of what I was doing differently. Many thanks for your assistance.
  3. Maybe I'm not describing it correctly. The import always has records because it contains all of our eBay listings, usually 3500. But eBay ends listings from time to time, so when we look at the record for a sku where the listing was ended, the timestamp doesn't show up, but we want it to. Regarding scripting, I've just never developed the skill with scripts so always try to avoid them. We don't have to manually update the timestamp because we delete all the records and import the latest download from eBay, so the table always gets fresh records and a new creation timestamp.
  4. Yes all related records have the same timestamp. The related table is update for all products in one import. I don't use a script to update the tables, I just manually download them (this is a one-user system).
  5. I have a main table of products with skus, and a related table (matched on sku) of data from eBay with listing information about the sku. When I update the related table I show all records and delete them, then re-import with the latest download from eBay. That all works fine. I added a timestamp to the related table so I'd know how recent the last download was. In the main table I display some data from the related table, such as price, and I have a field next to it showing the timestamp from the related table. My problem is that if the related table has no data for that particular sku,
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