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  1. Yes! That's the ticket. Thanks Martha Greg
  2. FM 9, OSX 10.5 I get how to send email to the address in one record, but i want to send a single email with address concatinated from all records in a portal. ?? Thanks for your help
  3. I don't know if this is a calculations or function related question or what. I have a portal that allows me to create line items of services ordered by a client. I would like to have a popup menu that allows selection of a service type (lodging, transport, etc) then a second popup that is filtered by the first type menu. So for example if I selected "Lodging" from the first menu then the second menu would only contain lodging options. thanks for any help or advice GF
  4. I thought that count() would return all related records whether in the portal or no but that's not what was happening. When I clicked on a button in the Parties portal row it set the value of a global field to the value of that Party record ID. Then only the client records that matched that ID were displayed in the second portal via a relationship with set up with that global field. In any case I solved the issue by setting up some new table instances and created the needed chain of relationships down to the client table. The first chain was being filtered by the table row button but the second relationship chain was unfiltered and so always reported the correct number of clients in the party. There may be another way to do this but this options works fine. Thanks for the input. GF
  5. I have a series of related databases: Trips, Parties, Clients. A trip contains parties, which contains clients. From the perspective of Trips I want the number of total clients in that trip. I have two portals set up in my layout. One shows the parties related to a trip. When I click on a button in a portal row of the parties db, then the clients in that party are displayed in a second portal. When I click on a button in the portal row of the clients db, then additional detail about that client is displayed in fields next to the portal. This all swell and is working perfectly. But... I have a calculated field in the Trips db that counts the clients in the related clients db. However this is only showing the count of related records in my portal, but I need a record that holds the total of all related child records regardless of whether the are contained in a portal or found set. This is probably stupid simple, any help appreciated.
  6. So far so good, but when I move to another record in the prospects table, that global field is still set to the value of the previous and so displays that same data till I click another row button
  7. Well yeah if I'm just scrolling there is no focus. What I meant to say was that I wanted to be able to use arrow keys to traverse the list and the row that has focus determines the details to display. Like a mail app with a split screen works - you traverse the overview list and details are displayed in another pain. But I didn't want to have to use a mouse to click on each row to see detail. I see that Bento 2 has incorporated this feature in its split view. It's such a frequently needed feature that its amazing that one must resort to creating buttons to accomplish it. Who knows, maybe there will be a Filemaker release in our lifetime that has such features. Thanks
  8. I have a sales prospects table with name, phone, addr, etc. I created a portal that shows related fields from a contact history file but just date and short desc. I am displaying multiple rows. This portal works just fine. But I want to be able to scroll through this list and display additional fields from that same record else where on the screen, right next to it to be precise. So as I scroll through a list of dates and short descriptions I'll see the fields containing the additional details I want on another part of the screen. It's the second bit I don't know how to do. Thanks
  9. Thanks. I get what you're saying and appreciate the comments on spreadsheet vs database conceptual and structural distinctions. Think you're right about keeping summary data at a lower level,the lineItems level, rather then trying to store it too high up the food chain. Thnks
  10. I have a parent table, call it Orders that has related records in lineItems. LineItems contains records for many orders, related to Orders by order_ID. I want a calculated field in Orders that is a running total of all related records in lineItems. I don't know how to do this sort of filtered calculation. thnks
  11. I have three tables, call them Trips, TripRoster and Clients. Relationships are set up properly with "allow creation of records via this relationship" permissions set. And in fact it all works fine in terms of displaying existing data. The problem is with creating new, related records. In a layout for the top-level Trips table is a portal. The portal row contains the key field that relates Trips and TripRoster "tripRoster_ID". also are fields for the Clients table (first name, last name etc.) When I click on the empty portal row to create new related records, it seems that no records are created until I enter data in a TripRoster field. So the auto-generated serial number (tripRoster_ID) displays nothing until date is entered in any TripRoster field, then the auto-gen serial # pops up. This is a hassle as the TripRoster table is a join table and I don't enter any data into that table directly, only through relationships. Also no Client record (child of the TripRoster table) is created until the parent TripRoster record is created. So that means that the Client records (name,phone, etc.) can't be entered because no related record yet exists. What I want to be able to do is enter the new portal row and simply enter the Client table data such as Name, Phone etc. But I can't do that until I manually enter some sort of data in the join table, TripRoster. Perhaps I need to do this via an "Add New Client" button. Was having trouble with that method too -( Perhaps there is just a resource I need to read on multiple related tables in portals. I hope this all makes sense. Let me know if I'm not being clear. Thanks!
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