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  1. Beautiful, comment, just beautiful. Totally works inserting the file as a reference only...Thanks a mil!
  2. My brain just doesn't want to think today, so I need help with something pretty simple. I want to open a file that is stored in a container field. I do not want to export it's contents, just open the original file. I was trying to use Get (Filepath), then Open (URL) but I cannot get the Get (Filepath) to work properly. I keep getting the error message that the parameters aren't correct. Any help just getting a file from a container field to open? Not sure if I need to write a script to get this done, so I'm hoping I have posted in the right spot. Thanks much.
  3. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, comment! Worked like a charm. Show All Records Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Set Variable [ $filePath; Value:"filemac:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "/ExportedFolder/" & Table::SerialID & ".jpg" ] Export Field Contents [ Table::ImageField; “$filePath” ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop
  4. Unfortunately, we've actually opened the files being served and verified that they were not updated and were in fact the original files that were served.
  5. This may be a silly question, but I appreciate your help in the matter anyway! We currently have hourly backups running of the served database. I'm able to see where the hourly backups are being stored without a problem. But, when I go to find the current database files being served, I go to the location that I initially served them from and it's not been modified since the date I originally began serving it. If you can shed any light on where or how I could locate the actual current file, that would be wonderful! Thanks :)
  6. Happy New Year to you all! I am writing a script that will export field contents (a picture) of the current found set. The way it is currently written, it will export each picture, but you have to choose your output path and hit "Enter" to export each file and move onto the next one. First my question is, how can I make these files export to the user's desktop automatically while retaining their original filename? We are sharing the database on FM Server, so I'd like it to be a universal script. Or if worst comes to worse, I can hard code the output path for each person exporting
  7. Thank you for the starting point! I am prepared to spend much time on it. I love Filemaker and am very excited to learn more! I'll report back.
  8. Hi Everyone, Do you have any suggestions as to how to create a voting or rating system in FIlemaker? I'd like to have users vote for or rate certain entries (Jokes, actually!). Then at the end of the day, send out the winner with the most votes. Any suggestions welcome, thank you!
  9. Update! I had to use the hard coding option since I needed to get the info available to everyone asap. It works well! I am however working on a non-hard coded solution in my spare time. Thanks again for the help.
  10. thanks very much mr vodka and comment! I will give your solutions a try. there were only a couple weeks that I needed to pull, so I was going to hard code them - but I know that's a big no-no! Comment, you are right, what if things come up later than the weeks I needed? thank you again, will report back!
  11. Hi, I am trying to create a summary of items that are marked "OK for Press" during a certain time frame range. Ideally, I'd like to be able to view a summary page that would tell me how many items were approved for each week. I tried this calculation that is then counted in a summary field, but it's not working: If (approved = "OK for Press";1;0) & (approval_date = Date ( 2 ; 11 ; 2008 ) & "..." & Date ( 2 ; 17 ; 2008 ) ) Thanks in advance for all of your help! I appreciate it! These boards are great.
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