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  1. Thanks Karsten. The starter file seems simple enough. Could you expand on the part where I have to place the starter script in /usr/bin/open? I am able to start the Filemaker app with Launchctl on Mac, but can't pass the file as a parameter (or don't know how) I am also able to open a database directly by placing the .fp7 file in the login items. OS X knows which application to use to open the file, But when it opens, Filemaker just bounces up and down in the dock and doesn't do anything else until I click on the icon, at which point it continues to load the database correctly..
  2. Thanks for the reply. As we are only about three people in the office, Filemaker Pro Server would be overkill. The server is running OS X, so I guess Applescript would be the way to go. I was hoping that a basic shell script would cover it, but I guess that would just be too easy! ;)
  3. After searching for quite a while, I can't for the life of me find a simple way to open a database from the command line. This must be so simple to do, but I can't find the solution anywhere. It's important the the database re-open after a power cut, nightly reboot or anything like that and pluggin in a monitor (or using VNC) and manually opening the file is just not an option. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. Hi, Having recently purchased a Filemaker Pro 11 license, I would like to setup a copy on our office server that opens a single database without any user interaction. I can easily manage launchctl on Mac to make sure the program is always running or started on boot, but I'm unsure as to how I should manage users and passwords. I want each user to still have to put in the username and password when connecting to the remote server, but I want the database to open on the server without any interaction needed. If I create a password-less account for loading the database, I wouldn't want
  5. I need to add a basic petty cash module to my current database and would like some advice on how to set it up from others who have more experience in the matter. I'm thinking of just a basic table with ID, Description, Category, Credit and Debit fields and use it as a type of never-ending list. However I'm not sure how I would manage the running total or indeed whether I should have a parent table for each petty cash cycle (time between replenishments) and use the previously mentioned table as Petty Cash Line Items. Has anyone done this before? I'm sure it's quite simple... I just ne
  6. Hi, I have a vertical portal row on my Contacts layout with provides a quick navigation to different contacts. Imagine if you will a vertical list of all the contacts in the database to one side of the full details for each contact. I have the portal sorted A-Z by the full name. What I would like to do is add the letters A to Z beside the portal and have each letter as a button that when clicked, jumps to the relevant row where that letter first appears. ie, If I want to pull up Peter's details, I click on the 'P' and the portal scrolls to the first entry beginning with the letter P.
  7. If i Choose to hide the toolbar (sorry, I said menu bar before) and program New Record, Previous Record, Next Record, etc into the actual layout, then I'll will also be hiding the Quick Find. Can I put the Quick Find functionality into a layout as I do with the other functionality via buttons and scripts? If this is still not clear, please let me know and I'll add a couple of screen captures. Thanks!
  8. Is it possible to leverage the usefulness of Filemaker's Quick Find, but to have it within a layout? The reason behind wanting it in a layout is so that I can hide the menu bar and have a cleaner solution for third parties working on the data. If the specific Quick Find feature can't be placed in a layout, can anyone offer another solution? All I really want to do is quickly select a person's record in a large list of contacts. There are currently only hundreds, but it could grow to thousands very quickly and scrolling through is not an option. By the way, in case you hadn't gue
  9. Thanks mleering. That worked nicely. I actually created two calculation fields. One for the primary key and one to hold the person's name. The primary key is what is stored in the new field as opposed to the name. I'm having a bit of trouble though showing the persons name in a second field. What I normally do is have two fields on a layout, one on top of another. The inferior field holds the key and opens the value list. The field that goes on top is related to the persons name and is not editable in browse mode. Since I'm in the contacts layout which is linked to the contacts
  10. Oh well. Thanks anyway. I'll just have to shift the contents a little depending on whether it's designed for a List or a Form view. Cheers!
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to remove the slim vertical active selection bar to the left when in List View? I find when I switch from Form to List views, the contents are shifted to one side to accomodate the addition of the bar and visa versa. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I haven't been able to get my head around the answers in other posts. Here's what I need to do: I have a CONTACTS table with a client type field, eg. Supplier, Intermediary, Customer, etc. What I want to do is create a value list that only shows the Contacts tagged as Intermediaries. How do I go about doing this? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks for your response. Your technique works when using files, but not when using a picture. If i were using a referenced file I could simply double click on the container and the file pdf would open. Do you know how to achieve the same with pictures? Thanks again.
  14. Does anyone know a good way to open a REFERENCED PICTURE? A referenced FILE can be opened with a double click, but i prefer to use a referenced PICTURE so as to have a preview of the first page of the pdf file. Note, the field will always contain a pdf document. Perhaps there is a script step to open a referenced document whether it be a file, a picture or even a quicktime. Thanks!
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