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  1. It sounds like you have a PDF rendering plugin in browser, like the Adobe PDF Reader, and on OS X PDF rendering is built into the browser. So the only other option is to tell the browser to simply download the file. To do so in SuperContainer you can append a "downloadonly" parameter to your URL and it will tell SC to set the proper headers so that the browser will treat this file as a download. Example: This should download the file http://sc.360works.com/SuperContainer/Files/pro/360/pdfdownload?style=nodelete&downloadonly This will open the file in your browser http://sc.360works.
  2. Hi, Lauren I'm not reproducing the issue, I want to make sure that this is still not a problem in the current version. Could you provide me the exact URL that's failing for you.
  3. You're better off using the "selfSignedSSL=1" flag, this flag tells SuperContainer plugin not to validate the SSL certificate, which it is impossible to validate a self signed cert. b/c there is not authority that's backing it. What Sarah suggested is importing the certificate into the Java root certificate store, this is a better solution from security standpoint as long as you are sure that you're getting the correct certificate from the web server, i.e. there no man-in-the-middle attack and no one is spoofing your DNS, that's the whole point of SSL certificate validation. But you would
  4. iOS 6 uploads are now supported in the current version (starting with 2.87) http://360works.com/supercontainer/
  5. This is fixed in version 1.63 of FTPeek
  6. Please give this version a try: https://dl.dropbox.c...ainer-2.865.zip I believe this thread is describing two issues: * one: certain deployments do require more memory, b/c there is a need to render thumbnails for large files and Java default setting of 96Mb is not enough, this is usually the case when running in standalone using SuperContainer server jar, this can be addressed by increasing memory allocation. Directions for increasing memory in standalone deployment: http://docs.360works...r#Out_of_Memory * two: version 2.86 of the companion plugin introduced a bug where the plugin
  7. Hi All This appears to be a bug in Windows firewall as documented in this bug report: http://bugs.sun.com/...?bug_id=7077696 There is a work around that involves setting a JVM flag -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true Our plugins currently do not have a way to accept JVM launch args., and even if they did it would be on per machine basis. I'm going to investigate this bug further to see if it makes sense for us to use this flag for Windows plugins.
  8. UPDATE: In our feature comparison we're comparing against 'enhanced' container field's behavior when .fmp12 files are hosted. In single user mode, i.e. using FileMaker Pro, it is possible to specify a network location. The network location still gets mounted explicitly or implicitly; on Windows a UNC path notation can be used in, which case, current users credentials are used to access/mount that network location, on Mac the location has to be mounted by the user or mounted automatically using an Open Directory setting, in both cases the network location is mounted to folder in /Volu
  9. You can get the public key of the SFTP server by calling FTPeek_GetPublicKey
  10. This is not very straight forward. AntBuilder is a Groovy class and it basically expects that ant.jar and ant-launcher.jar are on the classpath, but ScriptMaster (or one of our plugins that happens to launch before ScriptMaster) sets the classpath. We wrote our own class loader to load classes dynamically that's used by SMLoadJar function, which is used by the ScriptMaster.fp7 file. And I assume that Groovy or Ant use a different class loading or classpath inspection mechanism. Bottom line, you can get around this by adding the jars to the Java extensions folder Also, you nee
  11. I'm not an encryption expert, but this seems to be the answer to the java.security.InvalidKeyException: Illegal key size exception.
  12. Please post a full stacktrace, I need to see what Class it's failing to load.
  13. Our plugins start the JVM and set the classpath (using command line), this likely overrides whatever is set using the environment variables. You can however use the extensions folder: /Library/Java/Extensions or C:Program Filesjre6libext on Windows
  14. This is exactly right, FTPeek_GetFileList returns the files in the directory in the alphabetical order, so you can look for the last file matches the prefix you're looking for.
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