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  1. It seems it could be the case. The problem is that it handles many many functions like profit margins, Euro / Canadian / US funds, inventory checks, per line rebates, and many other functions / information which i don't have the time to rewrite. I understand that creating a line item file would have been the way to go for this, but when i started this project, i didn't have that knowledge. I've been fine tuning this for 5 years now and it works like a charm. I might look into converting it to that, but i'd have to rewrite my price script which checks for real time currency from Euro, US and CAD funds, handles shipping costs, spare requirements, inventory and all. Thanks for your help!
  2. I might not have explained myself properly. The product file has 1 description field in it, 1 product number, 1 cost price, 1 us retail price (calculation), 3 rate fields (calculation) and many many more fields. My quote database has 37 item number fields, who are each related to the product file. each description, price, cost, rates, etc are looked up from the item number in each. It goes like this: 1- part # / description / quantity / price / cost / additional rebate 2- part # / description / quantity / price / cost / additional rebate 3- part # / description / quantity / price / cost / additional rebate ... 37- part # / description / quantity / price / cost / additional rebate Does it make sense now?
  3. Well, my system uses many databases (over 30 different ones) to handle quotes, orders, time sheets, inventory, production orders, rentals, fax, messages, product description, suppliers, currency, etc. The module in question is a quote database, in which each of these 37 fields lookup from the 37 different parts numbers with price, etc. I started this module in FMP6, so there was no multi-table at the time. I needed to do a search in each of these descriptions (who are each for different products). Thanks, Seb
  4. This works like a charm now. You were wonderful. (I was novice for not knowing the way search features works, sorry) I now have a very powerful system that can search! Seb
  5. Now that i took a deeper look at it, it seems that it won't find letters that are not at the beginning of the word / number. It's not number related as i tought. Example, if i search for ampli, it will find amplifier. If i search for fier, it won't find amplifier. Is there something i can do?
  6. I found it, all thanks to your file, i noticed that i needed to put Global for the text field. It wouldn't work without that. The only issue i have now is that for a search with: 2421 it won't find HBL2421, HBL2421CN, HBL-2421. For HBL, it will find all references to it. (works fine) But the number does not work properly. Thanks again
  7. It works with your file, the search feature is part of a long script in mine, maybe i've done something wrong. Let me investigate. Thanks for your help, i'll keep you updated.
  8. It might be because i have complex descriptions. A typical one i have is: Chain Master VarioLift BGV-D8, 4-104'/min, 63' lift, patented friction clutch, chain bag, eye plate. What i want to search is something like either "VarioLift", "chain bag" or something similar. Could that cause the problem? If that's the case, is there another way to do a search in multiple fields? Because i know my description contains "operators" like "/", "-", "+", etc. It might confuse the search feature. Help?
  9. I might have done it wrong, but i made that field a calculation field and in the details, i put: Description 1 & ¶ & Description 2 & ¶ & Description 3 & ¶ & Description 4 & ¶ & Description 5 ... up to 37. It shows all the data i want in that field, but i cannot get the search function to work with it. If you have alternatives, feel free to enlighten me!
  10. Good morning! I have a little trick i'm trying to do and i have not being able to achieve it properly. I have a field that contains the data from all the fields i want to search into. (I'm trying to do a search for keyword "x" in all the fields of that database). When i search for a keyword, it comes out with only the records that have the exact text in the field. For example, if i search for Sun, it will show me the records that have Sun in it, but not the ones that have Sunny or Bright Sun in the fields. (I have 37 fields on my record that may contain this data, and there's about 400 fields total per record, and about 10000 records total) Is there a simpler way to do this? All i want to do is search in a bunch fields at the same time? thanks in Advance for your time
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