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  1. I've developed a similar process for my clients to check their support contract time. They 'login' with their account number and the system performs a search, brings them to a layout and shows only their results. Nav buttons make it impossible to see or search anything else.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I know that's the correct approach, but I promised them I would at least look into a band-aid until the bean counters give their blessing. To be honest, I was embarrassed to post such a ridiculous question!
  3. I have a client with FMP 5 running dinosaur solution at the back of the custodians closet. They are reluctant to upgrade it for several reasons and have been running the upgrade proposal through committees for a year now. The problem is that now they want to give access to the solution via a web browser. In I.E, the db shows up fine but anything more complicated than a "go to layout" command attached to a button is ignored. In Firefox, none of the buttons work. Is there an any browser that will work with the old CDML code any more?
  4. Yeah, still warm from the factory. After the first reboot, when I noticed the databases weren't loaded, I checked around various locations in the machine and did spotlight searches for database names and found nothing. Then I rebuilt permissions and rebooted. It is just so strange that those files could self destruct like that. This being my first deployment with FMS, I looked in the FMS admin to see if there was any way to purposely delete databases. I didn't see any so I don't think I deleted them accidentally. Thanks for your insight. D.
  5. Hello, thanks for the reply. The machine is a brand new G5 tower with all the trimmings, spec'd purposely for the FMS. Checked the disk and the permissions, all was fine. Restore from backup worked fine. Didn't trust the machine after that though so i zotzed the whole thing and reinstalled OS and FMS. Fingers crossed that won't happen again, but this is no way to live.
  6. On restarting the Filemaker Server (9), all of the databases dissapeared from the library/Filemaker/Data/Databases folder. I was able to restore from backup, lost half the day's work, but cannot find the original files or any clue as to why they would just dissapear. has anyone seen this?
  7. Can you expand on the bit about UTF-8 encoding? I think I am having an encoding problem and i was hoping for a way to change the encoding in FMP.
  8. Wow, that's funny, I am building a solution and we are considering that exact model. I am proposing right now and trying to figure out a way to test the output from FMP without buying the printer first.
  9. OK, I figured it out. I just had to add a "goto record first" step in the script to "refresh" the results after the sort and it worked fine!
  10. Thanks for the response. I checked and there is only one part on the layout which is Body. After working on this a bit more, I have discovered that records with dates prior to 2008 are omitted form view and only on the web. FMP client displays everything correctly. I am checking through all of my scripts again to see if there is something wrong...
  11. I have a script that performs a search and displays the results in a columnar list. it works great until I sort it by date. After that, about half of the records disapear. I have tried sorting from within the browser as well as through the script, same results. Any ideas?
  12. I need to extract data from an old (1987) Clipper datbase. I am hoping that the data are stored in DBF files. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
  13. That's where I got stuck. I am working on a method to open a shared file from an FMP server and then do a save as to an updates folder.
  14. I am trying to get my head around what is needed for a standalone app to reach out to an FTP server and download newer tables then export/import present data into those new tables. Has anyone done this?
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