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  1. Hi, I am attempting to create a pie chart in a table (expenses), utilizing a field (company) from a related table (expense account), and utilizing the expense amount total field in the (expenses) table as the value. I'm assuming I need some sort of calculation to consolidate these companies and the expense amount values. Simply plugging in the 2 fields displays every expense transaction record, rather than displaying a consolidated grouping of companies and their related expense amount totals. Also, I'm attempting to create a bar chart that utilizes the transaction date 00/00/0000 in the (expense) table and convert it to a month in the chart, while displaying the expense amount totals associated with their respective "month" transaction dates. Any ideas on the best way to achieve this? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a table called purchases that tracks merchant purchases. I created a drop down value list of all entered merchants in the merchant field. I want to be able to avoid redundant data entry, (web address, email, address, phone etc). I created another purchase table occurrence attempting a self join (merchant = merchant relationship). I used the purchase table occurrence fields (web, email, address, phone, etc) in the purchases table and if I selected a merchant from my drop down value list of previously entered merchants, it seemed to work as far as filling in those data fields, but it was somehow generating 2 records within the purchases table. What am I missing or am I going about this the wrong way. I simply want to avoid redundant data entry after a merchant has already been entered once into a purchase record.
  3. Oh, stupid me. Thank you!
  4. I had a couple of layouts in my existing solution that contained a header and body. The header contains certain graphics that I want to be in a fixed position while those in the body part move underneath the header when I scroll down. I just noticed that it's not happening anymore since I made some modifications to better match the new FM 10 interface. My backup copy seems to be functioning properly. Did I do something, turn something on or off, or what am I missing? What would make it nt continue to scroll underneath the header?
  5. Hi, I hope this topic is not duplicated but am I to understand that I cannot attach my custom scripts to the New Record, Show All, Sort, etc. button icons in the toolbar? In other words I want my new record script to go to the assigned field or object in every table layout. Am I also to understand that I cannot decide which icons shall be available in every table layout, or in other words if I choose New Record in table A, I cannot choose to delete New Record icon in Table B? If that is the case I don't know what the advanced improvement is. The whole point to my purchase was to save time by dragging pre-made icons to a slick looking toolbar, and then assign my own script to them. Please someone tell me it ain't so, and that there is a way either through script triggers or some other method to be able to utilize these time saving features in a powerful customized way.
  6. I'm trying to create a budget table that is related to a number of other tables representing purchases and payments. In the budget table one record represents one year with 12 individual fields representing the twelve months of the year. A corresponding calculation field representing a total amount for a given month derived from the related purchase and payment amount fields in the purchase and payment tables . I'm basically trying to bring the purchase and payment totals from a given month and bring it over into the corresponding budget table totals so it can be compared to a budget amount and then calculate the difference in another field. I tried the following calculation but it is not working properly. If ( MonthName (Payment by Check::payment_date = MonthName (january) ; Sum (Payment by Check::payment_amount) ; "" ) My logic behind this is if my purchase or payment date equals the january date in my budget table, then give me a sum total of those payment or purchase amounts. Otherwise do nothing. The totals are going into the assigned budget field but they continue to go into the field whether or not the date equals January. I did this same calculation but replaced the budget MonthName with February instead of January but the result still goes into the January budget field and seems not to care what the date is. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this or am I approaching this thing wrong from the word go?
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