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  1. I'm trying to open a database file that has a script set to fire on opening. The script is 'hanging' the file so I need to open it without the script running. Is this possible?
  2. I'm moving our Filemaker 5.5 server to a new PC and have found certain databases that I do not wish to share. Is there a way to prevent certain database files from being shared? Thanks
  3. That's what I ended up doing but the portal does not show all the records. Maybe I created the relationship incorrectly...
  4. I have a layout with two tabs. I was wondering if it is possible to have a form view layout on one tab and then a list view layout on the other tab.
  5. Barbara, that's exactly what I was looking to do. I just have to figure out how you did it now. Thanks for your help! Sean
  6. I am trying to have a Value List be auto-generated based on data entered in another field. This is my problem: I am making an Employee database for which each employee has a job title which is selected from a Value List (for example Account Manager). I also have a Contacts (or Companies) database and an Account Manager is assigned to each of those Contacts. I would like to assign the Account Manager from a Value List but I would like this Value List be generated based on whether an employee is assigned as an Account Manager (or not) so as new employees are added (or terminated) and assi
  7. Fenton, did you get a chance to look over my database, by any chance? I'm eager to see your solution.
  8. Thanks. That's a useful little page.
  9. In FM9Adv is there a way to Copy something from one layout and Paste it in the exact same position on another layout? Thanks Sean
  10. John, thank you so much for replying! I struggled to make sense of what you wrote in regard to my first problem as I was not familiar with Script Parameters but I did some reading up and I think I've cracked it. Now I'm trying to understand your solution to my second problem... Thanks for your help. Sean Edit: Fenton, thanks for your reply, I hadn't seen your post when I replied above so I will take you up on your offer to look at the files. Any opportunity to be critiqued on my work so far would I'm sure make things easier down the road. MyDatabase
  11. Hi all, I figured out my first issue but I'm still struggling with my second problem (plus a new one). I guess given the lack of responses I might not have been clear enough so I thought I would include some screenshots and review my problems: This is my 'Contacts' table showing details of people: This is my 'Companies' table showing company details and related 'Contacts' displaying in a portal: 1. My first problem is that when I click on the blue email symbol on the 'Companies' table (in the portal) it always loads an email with the address of the first person lis
  12. Anybody help a noob out? :)
  13. I am making a Contacts database consisting of: 1. Contacts: People's names and contact details (just phone and email) plus the company they work for. 2. Companies: Address, phone, website and a portal showing people who work for this company (related to the 'Contacts' table). I'm trying to do two things but failing spectacularly. 1. On the 'Companies' table (with the portal) I have a button for people to add a new 'Contact'. It's just a script that goes to the 'Contacts' layout and makes a new record. However I want it to set the field on the 'Contacts' table to show the comp
  14. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to have my field labels default to a larger size than they currently are. Shouldn't they match the default size for the text IN my fields?
  15. Well I haven't really tried editing them. I'm just trying to understand what exactly the fields are doing. Thanks for your help.
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