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  1. Ah right again me being silly I was setting the date range in the wrong field, it works perfectly now, thank you so much for your help you've been so helpful :)
  2. Oh really? Maybe a direct link will work: I've unchecked it but it still shows all of the records under that department, if the date range was working it should only show one
  3. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here but the script is still pausing and then producing the wrong results when I click continue. Sorry if I'm being awkward, this one seems so simple but is throwing me completely
  4. I have two date fields, "Current Date" which is filled automatically by Get(CurrentDate). With a Date Range field. The idea is that a user can select a date from the past combined with the department and find records that have been created since that date. I know I'm confusing myself, hope this clears things up somewhat Thanks
  5. Sorry I'm confused, how do I apply the elipse with what I've done in the script above? I'm still quite a novice I'm afraid Thanks
  6. I have a current date field which is a global field. I attempted what you said, but the script just halted and when I press continue it just pressed me with the same results as before, I'm not sure I did it right so I've posted a screenshot below. Still a bit of a novice really Thanks for your help so far.
  7. Hi guys, this is the last thing I need to do to finish my system, and I am completely stuck, even my coordinator has no idea. Basically I have a layout which calculates how much each "Department" is spending, through summary fields and a currently basic script The idea is that the user enters the department and the date (drop down calender) they want the results to be shown from. So far the script works in working out the "Total Cost" when searching by Department alone, but when searching with the "Date Range" as well, unless there is a record with that matches that date exactly
  8. bump! Sorry this is the last thing I need to do for my system.
  9. Hi thanks for your reply Here is the relationship as it stands All of the fields under "-----Hidden-----" are used in calculations/conditional formatting.
  10. Hey guys, I have no idea where to start with this one. Basically I have a system which needs to be able to extract management information. I have a layout which I have setup with a Department value list, and the idea is that when I perform a find the total amount spent by that department so far is to appear in a field below. I tried a summary field but it wouldn't work at all. The way the system works atm is a member of staff chooses which dept they belong to from a value list, they then go to a layout, enter their staff id and the course id and it is added to their record. Each cour
  11. Ohh I had missed the Staff ID in the calculation part. It works! Thank you soooo much! I'll add a dialogue box now so my real user knows its actually done something
  12. Hey your right I do have a real user, and would like the system to be cyclic. I tried what you said but it seemed to work worse than before. It just created some blank records. I'm not sure if I used it correctly. What I need the script to do is to take the Staff ID from each different record, and insert it into another table, with the course ID so it is added to their "Training record". The course id and date gained steps work great but the created records aren't inserting the staff id into the fields, it i s however creating enough blank records to match how many staff Ids there ar
  13. Hey guys! I am reallllllly stuck and have been attempting this for hours. Basically what I've done works fine, I just can't get one step to work, which has ruined the entire thing. I have a set of records that has the "Staff ID" entered into them, I want to extract these IDs into another set of records. Here's the script as it currently stands: 1. Show All Records 2. Go to Layout ["Staff List"] 3. Go to Records/Request/Page [First] 4. Loop 5. Go to Layout ["Add to Record"] 6. New Record/Request 7. Set Field [TrainingRecord::Staff ID;Staff::STaff ID] 8. Set Field [
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