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  1. i have a contact database, it has leads, clients and referrals. when you are in the referrals section, i would like a count of all clients and leads that have the referrals name in their referral section say im in 'tommy' and he is a referrer. it will show 24 people he referred based on everyone who has 'tommy' in their referral field. it would be awesome if i could do it by a month to month basis, based on their creation date. and have that data go into a portal.. yea?
  2. I am trying to figure out how to transfer data from one portal, to a different one. its for a todo list i have as a portal, when its completed they click the delete button, and i want it to transfer that data to a journal. on the todo list i have date, contact, info, and notes. i thought i had a solution, which was when you click the delete button, it performs a series of copy and pastes into the journals notes section. but i soon found out that it failed because it wouldnt take all the data from the correct row in the portal.. anyhelp would be appreciated!
  3. here is my file. im not too good at explaining myself... the record is an example when i click todo today what happens... thebrianexp.zip
  4. im not searching in the portal, im clicking a button that goes to a new layout that pulls records from the portal. (unless thats what you are talking about) what are filtered portals, and how would i do what you are suggesting?
  5. Ok. i have a portal that has a todo date, type, info, and notes. i have a button that finds less than or equal to today from the portals todo date. however, often it shows the first entry in the potral which could be tomorrow. im very confused.. any help?
  6. hey im trying to set up a find field where each contact has 4 todo lists hooked up with a date. and then a button where you can search for everything set to today how would i get all 4 todo lists included in this find by their date, and display the data each list has to do for that date, if i searched by current date..... yowza.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has tried these plug ins. I'm new to filemaker, and im trying to implement these 2 plugins into 1 database. i want to beable to incorporate them into a contact management template, be able to see emails to and from that contact(outlook manipulator), as well as, quotes and purchases from that contact from quickbooks(FM Books). im only using demos right now, i need to figure out if it can do what i want it to do before buying, so any help or suggestions would be appreciated!! thanks so much
  8. yea, thats what i need i also need to figure out how to set tasks for a date, say a sales person calls a contact and they dont need anything, so he clicks a follow up radio button and a date in 2 weeks, that will save that info, and he can pull a daily report for say today, and everything for every contact he set for today will show up. im new to this, im trying so hard to grasp it! as for the journal, i may have found a solution using the employee management template with the 'goals' portal but i copied all the specs, and tried to re-create my own relationships based on what tha
  9. Hey everyone. I need help understanding how to create something like a journal within a filemaker database. i have a contact management layout, and within that i want a journal like field. the person using the database can select the date next to a note field, when he does that he can input whatever note about that day and it will save within that contacts information. is this possible? did that even make sense?!
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