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  1. We are using filemaker to support a template website that has thousands of sites built upon filemaker records and the data stored to populate the template pages. We are interested in building a system to log all the "HTTP QUERY" that searches the database and returns a record. In short, we want to 'COUNT' every time a record is returned from an online search. (basically building a COUNTER for each 'page' viewed) ANY IDEAS ANYONE? Anyway to trigger a script when a record is sent via CWP?
  2. I DID! It isn't all that pretty (sort of a brute force solution) but it seems to work pretty well. If want copies of the files, let me know.
  3. I want to use google map api to generate a map of multiple markers on a google map dynamically from the datafields returned to the RECORDLIST. I can only find a PHP solution online. Anyone have any solutions using HTML/CSS/XML/XSL and CWP web publishing engine??? I can easily map a single location, just can't seem to get the multiple markers to work. anyone?
  4. Hey everyone, again thanks for all the help in the past!!! So I have a silly problem. We have a database that serves the web via CWP (xml/xlst). There are two "types" of records, a "PROSPECT" and a "ACCOUNT", based on these two choices in a single field , "type". All of these records have previously been reviewed and edited for accuracy and duplication. We want to create another database to use to import large lists of information via excel, etc. "LEADS" The issue is, I want to create a database for sales people so they can see a record from EITHER table/DB in one la
  5. Anyone out there with a GOOGLE MAP API integration with FMPRO cwp XML/XSLT? NOT the webviewer or IWP.
  6. 1. Include each DB in the file reference. 2. Use PERFORM SCRIPT script step add TEXT parameter 3. In SCRIPT to be performed in recieving DB use: $var=Get (ScriptParameter) Since this is text based, you may need a complex value (multiple values concated into a single string) you can use a calculation to generate a string and then a new calculation to parse the string . Please correct me if there is a better way, Folks, this is just what I have been doing. good luck
  7. Hey Folks. So I have a commonly asked question of which I have yet to find any really good answers to: {background: We are running FMServer Advanced 8.5 on OS X 10.4 and we are integrating it with CWP via the xml/xslt grammer set.} PROBLEM: I want to allow the public to complete a form online using a CWP interface (which works fine) BUT I'd like to get notified* every time a form is successfully complete THAT IS: a new record is added to that database *(run script send me email - that part is easy). If we were doing this directly in FMPRo, it wouldn't be a big deal.
  8. thank you. Wasn't sure if this is more of CWP question or a FIND question. I responded to your other reply. I just did research the new Server 9 and it does EXACTLY what I want to to do with the -findquery component. drat! oh, well, we are thinking of upgrading soon anyway. in the meantime..... I guess an ugly script it the way to go.
  9. THANK YOU for the reply. Do you think you could elaborate more about using the globals and the script or point me towards some documentation? Any help is greatly appreciated. I understand you can use the -script part of the query with or without parameters. I am testing a sample today. It seems like I will need to use some Javascript to concate or parse the text in the field areas to pass them as a parameter?
  10. we have a database shared on Server 8 advanced and communicating with a XSLT pages via XML fmresultset. works great. we do a search with 2 fields location keywords both calculation fields concating other fields. we have a HTTP QUERY with lop=and works great. However, we want to change to return ANY match for the keywords but only those that match the location. example: location = sunnyvale keywords = asian mexican italian results = locations that are in sunnyvale that have asian AND mexican AND italian easy and right. we want same
  11. I have a database that is being served to the web and we are using the XML/XSLT to retrieve data and display. Works fine. Presently there are two fields to search, a location and a group of keywords. these are calcultion fields based on other fields in the database. So right now we are doing a -LOP=and (http query) and the results are perfect. HOWEVER, the owner wants the search to work different. He wants it to work like and OR find but not exactly. He wants the first field to constrain all possible choices that match ANY of the second field. SO this is like com
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