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  1. Don, The CCSetGateway function tells the plug-in which gateway you plan to communicate with for all subsequent plug-in function calls that actually communicate with the payment gateway. The default gateway is Authorize.Net, which means that if your merchant account is with Authorize.Net, you do not need to call this function unless your account is card-present (retail). Since you are doing ACH transactions, I am pretty confident that you do not have to explicitly call CCSetGateway. If you run into issues, send us an e-mail describing the steps to reproduce your problem at support@36
  2. 360Works Plastic does not currently support PayPal Payments Pro
  3. Unfortunately, Plastic does not support EMV. We are working on a solution for this, but it is not as simple as buying a card reader like it was when you needed support for a magnetic stripe reader. There is a complicated and expensive certification process that any payment application provider must undergo in order to support EMV. That is not a feasible approach for us, so we are researching providers for what are known as "semi-integrated" solutions, where the provider assumes the certification burden. Our options are limited, but they aren't non-existent, so we hope to have something in the
  4. Wim, Do the operations in the ExampleService work? Sterling Rouse 360Works
  5. There are a few adjustments that need to be made in order to get this to work. In your case, the ref attributes must be namespace qualified with the WSM-generated namespace associated with the WSM Examples file because the default namespace is "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/.” That means ref=“CALL” becomes ref=“db1:CALL” and so forth. Also, you will notice a field underneath the Custom XML Schema field that is preceded by the following text: Enter an alternate name for the message element generated in the WSDL for this operation, including the namespace prefix. (optional) En
  6. Laurent, How big are the files you are trying to upload? You might need to increase the timeout threshold if they are pretty large. Otherwise I'd say it's an issue with the FTP server. Here's how: FTPeek_Connect (someHost ; someUser ; somePass ; "ActiveMode=True" ; "timeout=120000") Timeouts are expressed in ms, so the above example sets a timeout of 2 minutes. I believe the default is 1 minute. Regards, Sterling Rouse Developer 360Works
  7. This is error is usually caused if the plugin creation process asks you to choose the original ScriptMaster plugin and instead you select a file or folder that does not have a file extension (a dot in the filename).
  8. Our plugins already use TLSv1 to communicate with SSL servers by default, so this is a non-issue for us. Sterling Rouse Developer 360Works
  9. Apologies, Dean. Individual Authorize.Net accounts have the ability to force declines if card verification info does not match, and I was playing around with that setting on our account. Everything should be all good now. Regards, Sterling Rouse Developer 360Works
  10. If this issue is affecting your business, you should contact our office at 770-234-9293 and ask for Sterling. If the transactions are going through, the error(s) you are receiving are most likely associated with function calls that don't contact the gateway. You must do error checking after every function call, and I would advise you not to chain function calls (e.g., CCProcessPayment(...) and CCLastTransactionResult) in the same Set Field or Set Variable script step. However, it is impossible to troubleshoot your issue without more information.
  11. Michael, One of my colleagues brought it to my attention that you bumped this thread. I rarely if every check FMForums because there are a couple of people from our office that check the forums regularly and forward posts to the person best suited to addressing the issue. For whatever reason, the posts following your initial one slipped through the cracks. My apologies. I never received your files. Can you e-mail them to me directly (sterling@360works.com)? Going forward, it is best to just contact me directly, especially if the issue is affecting your clients.
  12. Can you reproduce the problem and then send us a bug report? http://wo.360works.com/cgi-bin/support/productsupport.cgi/Send_us_a_bug_report
  13. Artie, It looks like you can do this in a single command: http://forums.iis.net/p/1146653/1858027.aspx#1858027
  14. Don't evaluate the calculation. That is a technique we use in the demo file so you can edit the text in each example and use it as a sandbox. Set Variable [$post ; Let(...)] If [$post = "ERROR"] Show Custom Dialog [WALastError] Else If [$post = "?"] Show Custom Dialog ["The Web Assistant plug-in is not installed"] Else Set Field [table_name::plugin_result ; $post] End If
  15. It would be a cost-prohibitive job to perform this type of conversion; the XML spec for Excel is > 3,000 pages and we would need to implement almost all of it in order to create a new .xlsx document from an .xls file.
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