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  1. Thanks Steven, If we go for external authentication, does it mean we rely on the OS administrator or network support people to help put the right group for the user? I am just thinking that may introduce some management difficulties. As example, if one user access right changed, we need to ask the administrator to update or remove the group accordingly. It becomes less agile or flexible when the filemaker solution is not built or maintained by the IT people. Am i right? Any other flexible way on maintaining the AD for external authentication? Great if someone can give me some
  2. Matt and Marco, you both are not alone. I have.encountered same problem afer applying a cert. it goes wrong after restarting the server. I'm thinking if this is related to the ssl cert. Any advice? Already killed me whole day to try finding out a solution. Oliver
  3. Hi, I am using the Scribe plugin to extract text from doc, docx and pdf file. These files are collected from different channels. Just around 2% of the files being processed did not return correct result. Half of the problem cases return "ERROR" and the other half returns empty string. The problem files include pdf file. Some are doc and docx file. I feel strange as I can open the file manually and do copy and paste the text into Filemaker text field. Would there be some limitations that not be documented? Overall, this is a great plugin. Thanks. Oliver
  4. Hi just try to open the sample file come with the plugin and noted that the IMAP server setting can generate an error looks like "Could not locaate messageId <CAOQ ...... gmail.com> in mailbox InBOx. Maybe the message was deleted? This error not happened on using pop server connection for Inbound Server (receiving) setup. Could someone expert advise on this? Thanks. Oli
  5. Hi, I am new to 360Works Email Plugin. This is very useful on retrieving email from the server. I have some difficulty on understanding the document. On using the function EmailReadMessages to move the pointer to the starting email to pull in, I am a bit frustrate on when to use uid and messageId. I can use uid to move the pointer to the last email before calling the EmailGetNextMessage to call the next available email message. This works well... but i can never use messageId to do the same thing. Am I missing out some important concept here? There are some other paramete
  6. Hi, everybody. I am still looking for the proper way on using the GetAs() function in Filemaker. As I need to retrieve content from container field such as JPEG and PDF etc. For similar case, using MySQL database's BLOB field type is pretty straight forward under the same situation but in FileMaker, this is quite a challenge. I am querying if GetAs() is the right function to retrieve binary data in FileMaker. So far, I am trying Filemaker 11's JDBC and ODBC without success. Any clue here? Oliver
  7. The main reason here is because we are using Coldfusion application server here and JDBC connection is the mean to get data from Filemaker. We are looking at the way to retrieve content from Filemaker using FQL (internal FileMaker SQL), it sounds like it is supported from the FileMaker documentation but not working as expected in testing. Oliver
  8. Hi, I am seeking help on the proper way on using the GetAs function in FQL. Recently, I am checking the possibility to retrieve container field content and put in on web page via the JDBC connection to filemaker server. From my observation and testing carried out so far, the result is not too promising. It would be helpful if someone can give me a hand on this. Thanks, Oliver
  9. Hello, anyone can help? i am looking for USB lock to secure Filemaker solution. Tks,
  10. That's what i understand as well. So, setting the privilege right is the only way to ensure the security concern are intact and using layout or logic flow to restrict and avoid user to making unnecessary damage on data are too fragile. Is this right? Thanks Michael,
  11. Hello all, We have built a solution using the separation model. It just comes up to my mind that users could be possible to create a new filemaker interface file themselves to access the data by defining a proper setup on using the external data source. This could link to a security concern. I am not sure if there is some smart setup which i have missed out or it is a design limitation which could not be avoided. Is there anyway to tighten this or can we disable users to create new layout on external data source if they do have a proper account to access the data file? I a
  12. hi franco, i am interest on your solution. can you give me a bit help on how to get this setup? that will be great. tks.
  13. hello Porter, i've come across this question and have no clue on how to make this. you are right, this may have give user to much power on access non necessary informaion. any good ideas someone here?
  14. Hello Just need help on using applescript to open a filemaker file. Sounds like simple but spend sometime to look around and found nothing easy to follow. Following is a snap of script want to use and not sure how to script the open file statement. I need to access to a file under a document folder and what could the syntax be looked like. tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" open file "Drive:filename.fp7" end tell Many thanks,
  15. Hello, It actually work well. But, when using the script OpenURL. It will form a link look something like "http://callto:+skypename/" and open this in Safari browser. Can we remove "http://" from the generated text? Thanks,
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