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  1. Thank you. I tried it on Window Server 2003 before with no problem. Now it works with the correct permission.
  2. Hi all, I am trying to do the standalone installation of SuperContainer on Window Server 2008. As soon as I click "SuperContainerServer.jar", an error dialog pop up with this message: "Cannot run SuperContainerServer:java.lang.RuntimeException: Logging directory is not writeable, please verify that the Files folder is in a folder SuperContainer can write to." Does anybody what "Files folder" is it talking about? What permission does it need? I even try to install SuperContainer using "Installer.jar" but that does not seem to do anything either. I know Wi
  3. Hi all, I am going to install SuperContainer on a Window Server 2008; however, there are 2 installation options that I am still not decide which one to use. One is "Using Supercontainer as a standalone server application" and the other is the "Installing SuperContainer with FileMaker Server Advanced". Does anybody know the pro and con of each option? I thinking of the standalone installation as it is the easiest and it would not affect FileMaker if SuperContain has a problem. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but it does not seems to work. If you put a button inside the portal you get the same problem. If you put a button over the portal extent over the portal it will cover up the first row of the portal then that would not be good. I found naming the portal in the object info and use a "Go to object" work, but with the button outside the portal. That might the best solution that I can use. Thanks, Kevin Dang.
  5. Hi all, I have never run into this problem with web publishing and portal. The main problem I am running into is that assuming I have 2 table, 1 is the parent and 1 is the child table. You have a layout base on the Parent table with a portal to the Child table. In the filemaker client, you can create a new record in the Parent table, then create as many record in the Child table as you like. However, the problem I ran into is when I publish that database on the web. When you create a record in the Parent table and save (do not create a child record in the portal yet). T
  6. Hi all, I have been creating a php script that would get a username and password, then authenticate against filemaker by running a command and check to see if an error is return. My code is below: $errorcode =""; $errorcheck =""; require_once('Filemaker.php'); require_once('FileMaker/server_data.php'); $lcc = new FileMaker('lcc_applications_.fp7', $serverIP, $_POST['name'], $_POST['pwd']); $record = $lcc->listLayouts(); if(FileMaker::isError($record)) { $errormsg = " Incorrect username or password"; $errorcheck = $errorcheck."1";
  7. Hi all, I am trying to create a login page and require the users to log in using a username and password. Once a user entered the username and password, I would use that username and password to login, do a find and return the result (does not know any other way to do it). Once the result is return, I can check the errorCode for 0 to see if the user login successfully or not. However, the main problem is that if a user entered the wrong username and password, and I used: $errorcheck = $ReturnedData['errorCode']; to check for the error code, it does not seem to work. The p
  8. I created a new script and that seem to fix the problem. The weird thing is that all the script steps from the previous script are web compatitible.
  9. Hi IdealData, I check my script to make sure all the script commands are web compatible and they are. I even use a variable to capture the layout name to see if it ever go to the layout that I wanted to, and it does. The only problem is after it go to that layout, it just go to the first layout and does not stay there. Thanks, Kevin Dang.
  10. Hi all, I have a database file 1 using as an interface file with user menus in there. I also have another database file 2 that is a separate database system. I used a menu button in database file 1 to run a script in database file 2 to go to certain layout in database file 2. However, when this script is run in Web Publishing with "Status Area" disabled using a button on the menu, it always go to the first layout instead of the layout that I wanted to go to. On the database file 1, if I enabled "Show the Status Area", it works fine when I click the command button from the same m
  11. Hi all, I have been searching on the internet on how to alphabetize the "Source Fields" during the import process in the "Import Field Mapping" step. In this step you can choose a lot of options like alphabetize the "Target Fields" alphabetically, last import order, and other options for the "Target Fields", but none for the "Sources Fields". It would help a lot if we can alphabetize the "Source Fields" as we have a lot fields in a table. So far, I could not find anything yet on how to do this or is it even possible? My boss told me she saw they alphabetizes the "Source Fields" in some
  12. Hi all, I have been trying to using the Insert Text command in a find to set the field in Find Mode and then do the find. The steps are like this: 1) Enter Find Mode 2) Insert Text [table:targetfield;$variable] 3) Perform Find In the second step, when I tried to use the variable, it looks like this: 2) Insert Text [table:targetfield;"$variable"] It add the " " with the $variable and cause the $variable text to be insert instead of the value inside the variable itself. Does the Insert Text Command second field accept only string?
  13. I have similar problem that the iwp seem to work in IE 6 & 7, but not in Safari or Firefox. Firefox and Safari failed in both Window and Mac. Does anybody have a solution to this? Thanks.
  14. Hi, We recently upgrade our FM 5.5 system to 9. In the process, we use Metadata Magic to scan our databases and warn of any possible error. Now that we in FM 9, I just wonder if there is a similar tool for FM 7 & up that would scan the database, give us a report of any fields or scripts that are not being use so we can do some clean up. If it can report on any warnings or errors that would be even better. Thanks.
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