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  1. There seems to be a bit of an issue with the buttons on a portal. To clarify things, I'll resume the setup. Table [color:red]main Contains the client's record Table [color:red]attachements Contains the attachments Layout [color:green]main Contains the customer's info (name, address, email, ID etc. from the [color:red]main table) Layout [color:green]notes Contains the notes in the customer's file that are in the [color:red]main table Layout [color:green]attachments contains the fields from the table [color:red]attachments The fields I use for the attachments are:
  2. Thanks mr_vodka, I'll give it a try and update the post.
  3. Hello, Yes, it's me once again. I think this is relatively simple, but for some reason I cannot seem to be able to get it to work. Perhaps I'm on the wrong track. I would like to know if there is a way in FMP (there probably is...) to perform a find using drop down menus in a seperate layout/table to input the find parameters. Here's an example of what I would like to do. My database contains a section for trouble tickets. There are a few fields such as: Ticket number (automaically generated) Ticket status (open, closed in a drop down menu) Call back date (calendar)
  4. Thank you for the information Fenton, Unfortunately, no users of the database are runnning on Mac OS, perhaps that someday in the future the situation will be different, but for now, eveybody is running M$ Windows. Now, I am known to be slightly stubborn (more than slightly at times). When I started this database, I took the decision not to use any plugins. This limits me in some ways, but on the other hand, it allowed me to learn quite a bit about FMP in general and even more about script steps. Using no plugins also allows me to move the database to another FMP server/client withou
  5. Oh well, I can always dream. : Thanks for the info Fitch
  6. All is now ok. I added a button with a script to add the files to the proper table. Thank you for the help everybody! edit: This whole related fields/portals made me think. Could (in theory of course) a similar way of doing things could allow me to add multiple attachment files to an email send via FMP?
  7. Well, we meet again mr_vodka. Always a pleasure chatting with you. It works perfectly except for one thing, the files do open properly if I click on them in the portal I created for the attachments, but I cannot seem to be able to add files anymore. I'll just attempt to create a button that will add a reccord to the table containing the files. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!
  8. Hello comment, Hummm... Well, I have to admit that this would be a great feature. But there is one tiny little bit of a problem. I have absolutely no idea on how to proceed. Could you please enlighten me? Thanks.
  9. : Yay! It seems to work perfectly. I just wish that the files could be opened just by double clicking instead of left click --> export field contents to then open the file from the saved location. But it's all good! Thank you Fitch!
  10. Thanks Fitch, I'll give it a try as soon as I have the time and keep you posted. :
  11. Hello everybody, if this post is not in the proper category, please let me know. I have a customer database that is also being used for trouble tickets (all of that works fine, thanks to the help I received here for a function or two... or four). I would like to add a function that would allow employees to add attachments to the customer's file (emails, images, docs etc...). Now, I added a container for the attachments plus a button "insert attachment" that performs a scipt (a one liner, insert file in container "attachments" and made sure that the "store a reference only" was unchecked.
  12. Well, huh, yeah, well... It seems it was my bad all along people. Comment's reply got me thinking. For my defense it's monday... ok? It seems that I forgot [color:red]one tiny minuscule little detail when I created the drop-down calendar field. I did not specify that it was a [color:red]date field... oops. The problem was 18 inches from the monitor this time. Thank you for fixing the user! Problem solved Go to Layout [ “data entry” (test) ] Show All Records Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: test::CallBackDate: “//” ] [ Restore ]
  13. Thank you for all the quick replys. Unfortunately, none of your suggestions seem to work. Fortunately, I think I found the problem. It seems that all the dates in my database are in dd/mm/yyyy format and the date from the drop-down calendar is in mm/dd/yyyy. I think I just need to fix this up to get it to works. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again! Nice to see you again Mr_Vodka
  14. Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue with a script I'm currently working on. In my customer database, I added some fields related to callbacks for trouble tickets. Time (drop-down list so that nobody can screw the format up), date (drop down calendar) and whom the ticket is assigned to (email address of employee, drop-down list again for the same reasons). This script will run several times a day and should accomplish the following: 1. Check if the field (CallBackDate) contains today's date 2. Send an email to the email address of the person the ticket is assigned to with some detai
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